GamePro: Spiral Knights Review

GamePro: You would be forgiven if you were to dismiss Spiral Knights as yet another free-to-play MMO. Its cutesy visuals suggest a game aimed at adolescents, with dumbed-down, uninspired gameplay to match. But spend a little time with Spiral Knights and you'll find a fantastically addictive game that's both fresh and familiar all at once.

Immediately upon firing up the tutorial level, you'll notice that Spiral Knights doesn't resemble a standard MMO. Instead of a numerical hit point system, your health is designated by hearts in much the same way as The Legend of Zelda series. Combat takes liberally from Zelda as well, with responsive sword swinging at the click of a mouse and super attacks that you charge up by holding the button down. And you'll often have to pick up and throw things at enemies, including bombs and attack vials that have special effects like freezing enemies."

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