Gamasutra Opinion: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Gamasutra: "Few events have the power to enrage a company than a massive leak, the kind of blow-out job Kotaku did on Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 last week.

Big companies are fond of saying that they care most about their customers, their employees and the quality of their products. But what they really care about are their profits, their shareholders, their productivity. And their secrets."

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FunkMcnasty3533d ago

The last line of this article is the best: "Kotaku spilled a glass of claret over Activision's pretty party dress, and then walked away laughing. " LOL.

So, are we supposed to be all sad and feel sorry for Activision, because their 'secret' info got leaked!? What a strange notion.. I could care less, much like most gamers. We want the info on the upcoming games and I highly doubt the author's inference that the leak will affect retail commitments at all. It's still CoD--it will still break more sales recrds this year, Activision, so don't worry your greedy little hearts over it.