Confirmed: 'Lords of Shadow' Is Not Part Of The Series' Main Timeline

Rely on Horror: "It’s been quite some time since Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’s release, and since then, fans have been debating back and forth over Mercury Steam’s ‘vania opus being part of the series’ official canon. Now, I’m happy to report that that debate can come to an end."

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rogimusprime2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

The game still was one of the best sleeper hits of 2010 and best 3D 'vania to date. Great story, quality voice acting, good mechanics.... who cares about the canon? Do people actually lose sleep over this stuff?

I never saw this game coming. Enjoyed it more than God of War 3, actually. and that is saying a lot.

Croash2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

"The game still was one of the best sleeper hits of 2010"

Sleeper hit... I can't believe this actually happened.
Not only was it released along with Enslaved, but its sales suffered because of Black Ops. Vanquish also had the same fate.

Sleeper hits shouldn't exist.
Lords of Shadow was an amazing experience. Its combat gameplay wasn't as good (= balance in difficulty) as God of War 3's (I didn't even buy one combo until after the ending, and I was playing on hard), but it sure was a long, interesting, stunning game with jaw dropping moments, beautiful and varied environments and extremely exciting boss fights.

It also had one of the best endings I've seen in a video game in my entire life. It took me 5 days to stop thinking about it.

I believe this timeline must be Castlevania's canon timeline from now on, as it sure allows the developers to write a better plot than "Oh noes Dracula is back, let's kick his ass yet again."

MilkMan2707d ago

Who gives a fuck?
Game was crack cocaine.

One of the best games I played.

outwar60102707d ago

thats a disapointment it was the best one and i hope the concentrate on this aspect of the story for sometime to come

Milky2707d ago

Yeah it is an awesome game!

Bravo42707d ago

Well duh! Wasn't it supposed to be a reboot in the first place?

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