Could Activision Sell Dedicated Servers?

Gamrzz: Call Of Duty is a great series of games, it has its up's (COD 4) and its down's (Others I Fail To Mention) however one major thing that has been wrong with the series is it's lack of Dedicated servers. With Activision trying to make as much money as they can and as fast as possible could a paid dedicated server service become a reality?

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Pandamobile2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

That would be a crime.

"Let's completely monopolize our dedicated server provision and eliminate competition and lower rental prices"

Sounds like the Activision thing to do.

metsgaming2735d ago

releasing the same game every year for $60 is also a crime. But people still buy it and people would pay for dedicated servers also but many would leave. If they think they would gain more money even though they lose customers they will do it.

evrfighter2734d ago

They pretty much did that with already with blackops.

dragonelite2734d ago

Hell i would pay for a server just to eliminate the host advantage.

MintBerryCrunch2734d ago

all it takes is 1 and the snowball effect will be in full gear

Christopher2734d ago

Technically, they already do with Black Ops on the PC having a monthly pay option for people to buy their own dedicated server plans.

Istanbull2734d ago

With the billions of dollars they make in profit, they could give us dedicated servers, but no, they want to maximize profit.

I am eagerly waiting for this company to fail, they're solely only reliant on CoD.

yamzilla2734d ago

there are dedicated servers on pc in every cod game except mw2

bumnut2734d ago

I stopped playing after WAW, they reduced the player count after that one.

PS360PCROCKS2734d ago

why not? They can sell a re-polished turd yearly...

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