What September's Numbers Mean (Analysis + Charts)

Next-Gen BIZ features an in-depth analysis of September's US NPD figures by Matt Matthews. The 4-page analysis is organized into these sections:

* Recap of August hardware and software sales
* Analysis of September hardware sales for consoles and handhelds, and the LTD (launch-to-date) sales curve
* Analysis of September software sales for Halo 3, Madden NFL 08, Wii Play, The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass, Heavenly Sword, BioShock, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
* What it means for Microsoft, in terms of Halo 3 sales
* What it means for Nintendo, in terms of software sales and Wii supply
* What it means for Sony, in terms of PSP and PS3 sales
* Total industry sales and projection for the year end
* October sales outlook

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TheMART4014d ago

Like I am saying for some time already:

"Finally, we face the elephant in the room: the PlayStation 3. Prior to its June price adjustments, Sony was moving 20,000 systems per week. The June price adjustments doubled sales initially and we assumed that they would level out near 30,000 systems per week, but instead have dropped dangerously close to 20,000 systems per week again.

Sony's response has been to adjust prices down again. They now offer a $500 80Gb model and a $400 40Gb model which lacks PlayStation 2 backward compatibility and a few extras ports. Anecdotally, the October price drop for the 80Gb model appears to have been less well planned than its June introduction, as fliers the week after the announced drop to $500 still reflected the higher $600 price.

The real problem for Sony and its PlayStation 3 is that the clock is running out. With each passing month, more and more owners of the 40 million PlayStation 2 systems sold in the United States are making a choice of a new videogame system. Judging from the sales numbers, many of those people are either choosing the Nintendo Wii or the Xbox 360. Each of those buyers is significantly less likely to purchase a PlayStation 3 once they've purchased a competitor's machine, especially as long as the PlayStation 3 remains at its current price.

Certainly the software picture could brighten Sony's fortunes in 2008, but one senses that it may be too little and too late."

See what the price cut of July did? Short peak in sales. The current price cut? Same story. Even though Ratchet will do good, Uncharted is an unknown IP, it will mostly sell games to those that own a PS3 mostly and will not shift that many PS3 units.

jackfatal4014d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

sony hater!! who will ever take ur opinion or words seriously even if it was true!!

@KL PeeJee

so u telling me to listen to sony haters in order to get the info about the ps3??

Pete_Approved4014d ago


Its not what the avatar tells you, its what the person tells you. And that`s just the damn truth. Just check the stats.. PSP is a great tool, but the PS3. Damn sell it on E-Bay if you got one.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4013d ago

You mention all the problems the PS3 faces. But with not much optimism.

Being more optimistic, I'll just say that atleast Halo 3 already launched and PS3's price cut this time isn't followed by Microsoft's own XBOX 360 price cut.

AllanWakker4013d ago

If you want a good laugh, google back to similar Xbot postings back in November/December 2004 when Halo 2 was released...

So sad and pathetic it's hilarious.

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fjtorres4014d ago

The best-selling PSP games add up to maybe 1% of the installed base??!!
What's going on?
Are people buying the PSP as a media player?
Why buy a portable gaming box but no games?

ItsDubC4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

The only thing I can attribute to the poor PSP software sales is the PSP's huge homebrew appeal.

PS360WII4014d ago

who disagreed? PSP has a massive homebrew community that hates to buy games. That's why PSP only has 4 games that sold over a million. They love the handheld but hate spending any more money on it then it's inital cost. It's sad really I have 12 games for the PSP and it's a pretty decent handheld. Though I do have twice as many games on my DS but that's besides the point.

PSP's downfall is it's power. Most devs are looking at it and saying I'd rather make a console game. Which is why the PSP has more ports then anything.

titntin4013d ago

The PSP was hacked some time ago and the pirate scene for psp games is absolutely huge.
Piracy on this platform is major issue, much more than for any of the other formats, where pirating requires more effort, or extra hardware.

As far as PS3 sales go - its going to be difficult for us to get a big picture for where sales are due to Halo3/ and various price cuts.
I think its now at a level where sales will be extremely good and I expect it to be shifting significant numbers through christmas and come early 2008. Maybe I'm just an optomist, but I expect 2008 to be PS3 year. I have all platforms, so I have no vetsed intrest, and I've no crstal ball, so I could be wrong.... but I don't think so.

Almighty4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Teh Wii iz a fad.

LMAO, it keeps increasing almost every damn month. I wanna see the numbers in November when Galaxy comes out.

Good numbers for Halo 3 and 360 too, this is going to keep the 360 more closer to the leader in the next months.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4013d ago

Halo 3 launched. That's about it.

Chris_GTR14013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

LMFAO!!!! did u see that chart?!? PS3 has gotten OWND every single month for this entire year! in july it ALMOST cought up with the 100$ price drop but nope. LMFAO. eat that nasim!

how do u even dissagree with that? look at the pic!

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