L.A. Noire Review - WGTC

Boasting state of the art lighting and mo-cap effects, the game offers players a unique experience. Placing them in the shoes of a L.A. cop in the 1940′s. Taking on a film noire approach in both narrative and style, the team at Rockstar come to us with yet another fantastic gaming experience that certainly stands as one of 2011′s best.

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MinimeJer053533d ago

Awesome review! This game looks awesome. I haven't had the chance to play my copy yet, but this review is making me want to start it up!

Wick3533d ago

Cannot wait to start playing this tonight.

Doctorofreality3532d ago

Facial capture tech is genuinly amazing, utterly bizzare to see it in action. Completely disarming. Lots of games out at the mo so might hold off until cheaper though.