Microsoft officially announces the European Xbox 360 Arcade bundle release

Microsoft officially announced the release of the new Xbox 360 bundle which is known as the Arcade pack and is targeted towards family's for an estimated retail price of 199.99. Available in stores in the United Kingdom from Friday 26th October 2007, Xbox 360 'Arcade' is the first Xbox 360 console to include five family-friendly games. Xbox 360 Arcade also includes a wireless controller, an HDMI connection to enable high-definition output if desired and 256MB of memory--used for storing games and other entertainment content.

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djevolve4016d ago

199 dollars or pounds, right its pounds in uk

lynx1halo4016d ago


mighty_douche4016d ago

more pointless crap coming out of M$, striping out major components and lowering the price isnt the way to increase sales.

whats next... the 360 'book stand', comes with no internals but retails for just £50, brilliant.

Sez 4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

yeah like sony did with the B/C right. only thing with the 360 arcade you can buy a HDD later. you can't add B/C to the 40gig

@ at the screeming idiot under me.yes i can LOL and i will LOL again at your statement.and what do you think sony will due by next year.abandon the ps2. why do you think they want people to buy more ps3 games.people are buying more ps2 games then ps3 games. thats not good at all.and where did you get 360 has 40% B/C i would love to see that site.

lynx1halo4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

How can you even begin to LOL at the PS3 not having B/C in its latest model...when we have 100% B/C in all other models but one??????When the Xbroke360...FOR ALL MODELS AT THE MOST HAS 40% B/C???? YOU SAD SHEEP...YOUR COMPANY HAS ALLTOGEHTER ABANDONED YOU WITH THE ORIGINAL XBOX AND YET YOU DEFEND THEM.....TOOL!!!!!!

Alvadr4016d ago

@Vega - true, but there is a really great cheap product on the market you can use for playing PS2 games. Its called a Playstation 2 :P

Sez 4016d ago

so is a HDD. which is the same price as a ps2. so whats your point. we can go back a forth with this all sony fans say if you want B/C pay more for it. IF people want a HDD either buy one with it. or buy one later.and it doesn't take up extra space just to play old games.

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titntin4016d ago

I suppose its a good thing to offer the consumer more choice - and xbox desperately want a slice of the 'familly games market' to try and compete with WII. The games catalougue is simply not up to driving casual sales though, so I'm not too sure how sucessful this will be.

You also have to question how wise it is to push another skew with no hard drive when so many games devs are calling for HD only games to be allowed.

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