Modern Warfare 3: Three Devs Better Than One? "So Modern Warfare 3 has officially been announced and Activision have more or less started riots in the streets for more news regarding one of the most successful gaming franchises on the planet. Who will be in it, who will die, where will the engagements take place, and what will the plot will be all about? These are just a few of the questions that have been raised and tackled so far, which is a pretty fair chunk of information considering we've yet to see even a single bullet fired in gameplay yet. But the real question isn't so much what features the game will highlight, but rather what level of quality can we expect from the title. With three completely different development teams working on various portions, there's really no telling what the final product will be like, but it's safe to bet that somehow Activision thinks that these three developers will far surpass the success where one alone set records and standards across the industry."

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mephman3531d ago

It worked kind of well for Medal of Honor, but that was only two and one part of the game was significantly better than the other.

Hardedge3531d ago

The multiplayer part! :P

tehpees33531d ago

a rushed mess is a rushed mess and this will be rushed for Christmas

nycredude3531d ago

If they are still using the same engine then I will do the same as I did with blackops, pass.

Hardedge3531d ago

I think it could work, it could certainly bring something fresh to the table. After all, as the writer points out, Ubisoft have done it with Brotherhood and they're doing it again with Revelations.

Uncharted3Goty3531d ago

some times it can work out great and other times it just ends up falling apart with the different dev they call have different idea what to do. thats when Problems can happen

Uncharted3Goty3531d ago

all is what i ment they all have different idea what to do. thats when Problems can happen

e-p-ayeaH3531d ago

Raven software is where im worried about.

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