Is LA Noire the most realistic looking PS3 game to date?

GB: "I know, as soon as our readers will read the headline, majority of them will state that Uncharted 2 takes that throne. Agreed. But Uncharted 2 is more of a technical show case for the PlayStation 3, but in terms of motion capture even the hardcore Uncharted fan will have to admit that LA Noire takes the cake. Not to mention the fact that the lead platform for LA Noire was the PlayStation 3. Today we present to you some direct feed screen grabs from the PS3 version of LA Noire, courtesy from one of our readers Rahul."

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crystalnova20042715d ago

It's hard to do a game like L.A. Noire justice with just screenshots. The animations are just so insane

tehpees32715d ago

agree. its got some impressive animation but nothing beats it in front of you. we'll know when we see it

wsoutlaw872714d ago

the facial stuff ya but, Heavy Rain looked more realistic.

BrianG2715d ago

Best facial animations I've seen, hands down.

The city looks pretty good.

Realism in gameplay? Sure it's up there on either console.
Realism in graphics? Probably not so much, the facial animations are so awesome that they take away from the environment a bit at points in the game.

theonlylolking2715d ago

Best looking? No

Best facial animations? Yes

best overall animations?No

best sound?No

best voice acting?maybe

gameseveryday2715d ago

and still people are giving the game a 9,9.5 and 10.

I think there are only a few publications which have given this game less than a 9.

NeoBasch2715d ago

Perhaps they liked the narrative, level design, direction, and/or writing. There's plenty there for them to like, and while it may not have the best graphics it's certainly one of the better looking games regardless.

I've already completed 20% of the game. It's a blast!

jetlian2714d ago

game is very stiff. And its not really animation just video overlaid onto 3d models

thespaz2714d ago


The faces are not video overlaid onto 3D models. Watch the tech video again.

The faces are re-created in 3D using game graphics.

himdeel2714d ago

I put it this way...

...realistic faces on fake bodies and it's different but is kind of weird.

From the little I've played it looks like it will have a compelling story which I believe I will enjoy very much.

Schism202715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

The facial animations are the best ive ever seen in a video game extremely life-like.

Also read the article first before for you look like an idiot and say no u2 is better.

Headquarters112715d ago

Best facial animations without a doubt is LA Noire. Best body animations would go to Uncharted 2.

From what I hear David Cages next PS3 exclusive 1ups LA noire, so that will be very interesting to see.

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The story is too old to be commented.