Get the Duke Nukem Girls Topless in Flash Game

Boobtube with Gearbox and 2K Games just put up a shooting flash game that involves topless girls to promote for Duke Nukem Forever. The girls will take off their tops if you beat them by scoring higher than them from shooting targets.

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ImHereNow3532d ago

shotgun girl is easy to beat ;)

rajman3532d ago

Game is laggy as hell, moving the cursor is slow

sp1deynut3532d ago

...I think it's intentional, to f*** with the horny, gf-less geeks that will actually be playing it. ;)

awiseman3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

^Agree I have not played so it dont include me

Also there is a cheat code to make them go all nude. press *alt* + *F4* then Type in: allornothing ;)

rajman3532d ago

Including yourself lol

Perjoss3532d ago

I am a horny gf-less geek, and I actually played it. Seriously, this was more fun than Brink, need more games with tits in tbh.

despair3532d ago

well that was fun, anyone know the cheatcode?

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