JoyPads: Portal 2 Review

"It is a rather simple, puzzle game which takes the ‘puzzling’ to a complete new level. The idea of using Portals to navigate your away around to solve these test’s are satisfyingly good at times, but the constant feel of “this is now becoming a chore.” I’ll say it now, and Portal 2 is mighty superior than Portal 1. Being more story-driven and witnessing how complexed, and sinister Aperture is. Its compelling to continue with the game, but only because of playing co-op with a friend, and the accessory of going through the singleplayer to gain all achievements/trophies if that is your kind of thing."

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SUPER-ECO-CLEAN3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

No what... 8/10 its impossible you don't know what you are doing every Valve game must be rated 9+/10 or you are considered to be a bad reviewer. I mean if Valve would releases a nicely rapped t*** you would still have to give it a good score.