PSN Password Reset Is Not An Exploit

NextGN: "Despite reports of a major lapse in Sony’s PlayStation Network security, there is nothing wrong. Sites are releasing false statements about yet another breach in the PlayStation Network where someone has hacked into the network and reset certain users' passwords. This is not true."


"Though Sony have confirmed that their password site was indeed affected by a URL exploit, the fact remains that this so called “exploit” was only possible because of the information in the individuals possession. Only way this could be achieved was to breach the PlayStation Network and steal the information prior to actually using the URL exploit."

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Istanbull3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

"Sites are releasing false statements about yet another breach in the PlayStation Network"

Tell us something new, the only thing they did the last few weeks was fear mongering, criticizing Sony instead of hackers, trying to get hits by lying about the PSN outage.

tehpees33533d ago

these articles aren't dead yet? c'mon guys Sony are doing their best

jaketimate3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

same thing i just thought!
lifeless nerds nothing to do after cooking mama's diner =)

mac_sparrow3533d ago

I thought the girls cooked mama's dinner.

Surely these guys just have to look after their brother?

mac_sparrow3533d ago

I see the disagreer didn't get the reference.

What's eating you?

DragonKnight3533d ago

Leave it to gaming journalism to fabricate sensationalism.

MK24ever3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Kotaku surely is happy with all this, it's like all their dreams coming true, reasons to make bold red titles with their own opinions, that in their eyes, are the only truth. And in their eyes, SONY is a target to take down.

Raendom3533d ago

It's kinda silly because Gawker (kotaku) got hacked too, and that was swept under the rug nicely. In fact I only heard of it via email because other networks were affected by Gawker's hack.

MK24ever3533d ago

Another reason that proves who are the ones who spit poison on Internet, the GAWKER group holds the main "opinion" blogs on the tech industry. So when it hurt them they acted as if it was no reason for big news or Bold Red titles of doom!

blackburn103533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

So once again gaming 'journalists' panic and exaggerate the situation *takes Excedrin migrane tablet*. Anyone remember when we played games for fun and it didn't seem like a chore or a war or a stressful task? No? Me neither. So I am guessing we or Sony won't be getting any apologies from the 'journalists' wrote this @ sack_boi for real. They should join forces or something. They both get unreasonable hate from the public and journalist will do anything, even lie, to discredit them.

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The story is too old to be commented.