Battlefield 3 concept art for classic Wake Island map

XMNR: Classic Battlefield maps will be included in the Back to Karkand DLC that comes with Battlefield 3 pre-orders and will be available to buy after the game launches. EA and DICE have released a new piece of concept art for the old Wake Island map that definitely doesn't make it look old.

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Jack-H2801d ago

.... November :( .... Can not wait for this game. I love BC2 and I'm looking forward to seeing what Battlefield is all about... I'm excited.

DoomeDx2801d ago

Oh god you only played BC2?....
Dont get me wrong, BC2 is awesome,
but BF2 is the real battlefield

Jack-H2801d ago

Yeah man. I'm not a pc gamer. That's why I'm REALLY excited about this one. Because I LOVE BC2 but all I read is about how much Battlefield 2 is better. Ugh I don't even like to think about it lol, seriously.

EliteAssass1n2801d ago

^^^^I'm with you, I've only played the Bad Company games and I'm really excited for B3.

cliffbo2801d ago

yeah looks really good

JMyers2801d ago

I do love me some BattleField!

T3AMRR2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

* Simple AWSOME *

Battlefield 3 will make me spent more money to Upgrade my PC, but i´m Sure i will have lot´s of Fun in Battlefield 3, Specially in Jets. I´m Still playing alot BF2, trainning for BF3, and i Still cannot Believe how much Fun i will have in BF3 ( The Biggest Maps Ever, Awsome Graphics, etc...
well me and the Clan Members which i belong ( Portuguese Terrorists ) are very excited about BF3. Can´t wait for November OMG !!
See you soon ::Bye:: ::RR::

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