Gorgeous new Call of Duty 4 screens

A Swedish gaming website has received a batch of new Call of Duty 4 screenshots and they look simply stunning. Take a look.

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predator4106d ago

looks great, cant wait to get this, ill have to wait for crimbo as my gf wants to get me this since she got me cod3 crimbo before and cod2 crimbo before that

TheMART4106d ago

The links aren't really good. N4G pictures are tiny small, the other only give you one picture.

You rather want to take the direct link to Maxconsole's 4 pictures in one in reasonable size:

mighty_douche4106d ago

ill be picking this up for my pc (& maybe ps3) as ive just upgraded for crysis and this will run sweet at max settings.

this game is gonna rock regardless of your platform of choice, just go get it and enjoy it and forget whether or not the shoe lace textures look nicer on a different platform.

have fun!!

Bazookajoe_834106d ago

If u hit "större bild" in the right corner of the picture you get it enlarged.

Is it just me or can you see some jaggies on the jacket sleeve when you enlarge the picture? No big deal but im wondering if it´s just me.

InMyOpinion4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

They also have exclusive reviews of Naruto: Rise of a ninja and Timeshift. Naruto got an 8/10 and Timeshift 7/10. I wouldn't trust them too much though, as they have very amateuristic writers who don't know much about gaming.

I was banned from their site for correcting them about something concerning Blue Dragon. Don't remember exactly what it was, but I wasn't even being rude.

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