PlatinumGames better sticking to one IP?

PlatinumGames makes great games, but they don't sell as many copies as they should - Vanquish hasn't broken one million sales.

Would the maker of MadWorld and Bayonetta be better off sticking to and establishing one IP?

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Peaceful_Jelly3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

the problem with PG games is that they are very short with no replay value and no online multiplayer. It is hard for people to shell out 60 bucks for games they are gonna beat in a day or 2 and then never play them again... These days people doesn't even play single-players anymore, they just go straight to the online MP.

The curious thing is that people doesn't buy online MP only games either! They want games packed with content and let's not forget about the reviews, it needs amazing reviews too.

Another thing is that they made a niche game like MadWorld for a casual console. I mean, even Tatsunoko vs Capcom flopped on the Wii! TvsC would have sold like 3 times better if it were on the PS3/X360, that's for sure. But what were they thinking when they were creating such a game exclusively for the Wii?

Daver3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

It depends of people.. I still buy games for their single player mode, I could care less about multiplayer.

Why I dont buy their games is because they dont apeeal to me, A girl who makes butterflies when she moves is not my thing and vanquish felt way too much old school japanese arcade game. Mad world looked fun tho but it was on wii

AAACE53531d ago

What he is saying is a small amount of people really buy single player games, unless it's something well established like Mario, Zelda or God of War!

I rarely buy a game at $60 unless it has as much good stuff as they can fit!

J-Killer153531d ago

It seems as if you based your perception of P* just off of Vanquish. Bayonetta has tons of replay value.

Croash3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I remember telling myself "Ha! No way I'm playing on Hard after finishing Normal. Let alone Very Hard"

That was before I finished the game.
I ended up going through both Hard and Climax modes in...4 days? At least I think that's what my trophies show.
For this particular game, trophies were useful.
I had to format my PS3, and both my Bayonetta's saves and Assassin's Creed II's saves couldn't be copied, so I had one week to "platinum" them.
This made me realize I had missed a lot of great content(Bayonetta's challenges were very satisfying).

-->I think I reached 24 hours of gameplay. I don't see how that can be considered "short".

I hope to see its sequel announced this E3 (or next TGS).

Vherostar3531d ago

I agree its sad that consoles have evolved in teh way they have without online gameplay or something similar (like item world on disgaea) games just seem too short nowadays and people expect a lot more.

b_one3531d ago

Damn, Bayonetta im gonna puke :)

and i hope Anarchy Reigns will look better on Ps3 than Bayo..(compared to xbox ver)

TreMillz3531d ago

No they shouldnt stick to one IP Vanquish was an amazing game, it was just to damn short, plus no MP was just a "WTF?" decision. The next installment should be excellent.

Kalowest3531d ago

PlatinumGames make great games, they're always trying something new/ being different. Not ever game needs MP.

floetry1013531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Bayonetta was pretty lengthy as I recall. Purely from a gameplay perspective, it was probably the best action game in 2010. Even topping God of War III and perhaps Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

The only real issue with Vanquish was the lack of multiplayer, which would be absolutely welcome given the incredible mechanics.

I hope Platinum Games sees more success. Their work isn't ground-breaking by any stretch, but they've never forgotten about the fun-factor.

ABizzel13530d ago

I respect your opinion, but Bayonetta was not better than God of War 3. Bayonetta has a great combat system with good boss fight, God of War 3 delivered on all fronts and then some.

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