Xbox 360 Will Have 7 Million Sellers at Christmas

Kotaku reports:

"Microsoft is on a roll of sorts. Halo 3 is a smash hit, and Xbox 360 hardware sales have passed perenial fav the Nintendo Wii. But that's now. What about Christmas? You know, then. Xbox 360 group product manager Aaron Greenberg is confident."

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BubblesDAVERAGE4067d ago

they couldnt get that in one year.....

BloodySinner4067d ago

I wonder what that PlayStation controller is doing there...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4066d ago

He was comparing the two systems games, he loaded up all two the PS3 games then loaded up the hundreds of 360 games.

wageslave4066d ago

PS2 controller? Looks like a black Xbox 360 controller. You know they come in white, black, pink and blue. And, the Todd Mcfarlane designed Halo 3 special editions -- but that looks like black to me.

Zhuk4067d ago

I have no doubt that Xbox 360 will have 7 games that sell over 1 million units these holidays Xbox 360 owners and consumers are truly excited about the greatest lineup in history these holidays and we will see this reflected in record breaking sales numbers and attach rates for the Xbox 360. I for one know that nearly every Christmas present I buy will be either an Xbox 360 game or accessory because there's just so many AAA titles coming out these holidays

andy0014066d ago

you should state that gamers in the US are truly excited, because in Europe we are feeling more than a little let down by Microsofts empty promises.

Those Looney Tunes cartoons and the deal with Nickelodeon do not apply to us Europeans, there is no sign of any downloadable movies, and they always release their games later so the live service is full of 12 year old Ohio cookiemonsters spitting crumbs at the microphone and shouting 'noob' to all and sundry, by the time we get to play.

Not that this is much different to Sony or Nintendo, but I just thought that all that sugar coating may need a healthy sprinkling of truth

wageslave4066d ago

"you should state that gamers in the US are truly excited"
Sales in Europe say otherwise.

" not apply to us Europeans"
Does Nintendo or Sony offer Movie / TV downloads? Nope. Perhaps you should talk with the MPAA / RIAA member firms -- oh, btw, Sony is a member of BOTH the RIAA / MPAA.

"live service is full of 12 year old Ohio cookiemonsters"
Perhaps you missed the intellectual discourse here on N4G from the Sony userbase?

What makes you think their Demographic is more diverse? Also, not all the PS3 games have Online Functionality remotely close to the level of Xbox LIVE games. Also, the robust Guide, Communication, Friends and Reputation system are *FAR* superior to the hobbled-together system at PSN.

The PSN problem would be *worse*.

In every area you mentioned, MS isnt PERFECT -- no one would say otherwise -- but they are BETTER than any alternative.

gogators4066d ago

the both MS and Sony would have an easier time getting content on the market. But, there isn't and thus people in Europe unfairly suffer.

nix4066d ago

i saw the same thing happen in my dream. q:

djevolve4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

M$ needs to take charge and drop price once again to keep consumers interested in a good deal. they do have a good deal on the hd dvd player; 9 free hd dvd with the purchase of the xbox 360 hd dvd add on at best buy next week. could be a rumor, would be cool though.

wageslave4066d ago

No they dont need a price drop. They've already got the best price points on offer.

Sony is the one needing to slash prices. If MS feels the pinch, they have every ability to lower their prices, I dont think they are under _any_ pressure to do so.

They are the market leader (wii is in a different market as far as the industry is concerned).

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The story is too old to be commented.