Can the PS3 Save Sony

The company that created the transistor radio and the Walkman is at the precipice. If Sony's new $600 console doesn't blow gamers away, it may be time to say sayonara.

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CAPS LOCK5876d ago

i gurantee u that the ps3 and the wii will be sold it before chrismas. ps3 will sell a bit on q1 2007 but, on q4 2007 i think it will sell lots and then from the begging of 2008 it will dominate till 2011.

trust me i am an anylist and i think ps3 will have 40% of the market and 360 and wii will each have 30 percent.

Sphinx5876d ago

...I analyze things all the time. In fact, this morning I analyzed the Nutrition Facts of my Cap'n Crunch. You know what my conclusion was based on the information at hand? I should switch to Frosted Mini Wheats. I think "analysts" are funny, "I analyze things, I'm an analyst". I'm not trying to pick a fight, just saying that analysts are just guessing... and your guess is as good as mine. Just because you are an analyst, doesn't mean you have any information I don't.
My analysis of the current situation: Sony is in big trouble, unless the BluRay wins the format war. They do not have the power of exclusives this time, and they do not have a drastically more powerful system. They don't even have time on their side. The only thing Sony has is loyal customers, and a strong brand name. That may get them somewhere, but not far enough with their price tag... and especially if the BluRay flops.

God of Gaming5876d ago

lol What? Your an analist? More like a 12 year old Sony Fanboy. Please provide your hard Data which you ANALIZED to come up with your very in depth opinion. Also Reading what you write takes an Analist... I always love this one "Trust Me"

slugg5876d ago

You need to pull your head our of your a$$. Sony is in trouble... did you read the article, or was it too long with too many big words for you? Sony is the new Sega. Deal with it.

TheMART5876d ago

But well can it save Sony? Could be. IF BR becomes the standard is the first thing. At this moment, HD-DVD is in favour. That's already less then 50% of succes. That's a large gamble.

Caps lock if you're an analist, then I am your boss. I don't trust you. Man I'd be more an analyst then you.

The REAL analysts have said the 360 will lead the sales untill 2011 then PS3 will sell more. At that time the next XBOX will already be here.

Trust me, I can analyse better then you. PS3 and 360 will have about the same share in the market. Wii maybe even at the same level or a bit lower. So: each about 33% or something like 38% for as wel PS3 as 360 and 24% for Wii

achira5876d ago

my analyze is: 70% ps3, 15% xbox, 15% wii. the result is easy to explain. when ppl see the ps3 games are far better there is no need for a xbox360. the price will come down and everyone is happy.

pbo2m35876d ago (Edited 5876d ago )

you have got to be the biggest Sony Fanboy out there. Do you actually believe that the PS3 is going to have that much of an advantage. It won't even come close to that 70%. You also talk about price coming down. That wont happen for a while as the technology is to new to even think about lowering it. Sony is taking a huge loss with each new console they make. You also talk about how good the games are going to be on the PS3. Did you even read the article? Where they say that it's going to take years to get the full potential out of the system. By that time the Next xbox might be out and so will the next playstation if this one doesn't fail. I don't want it to fail as we need the competition to keep having good games. Now you on the other hand wnat MS to fail miserably and have only Sony left. What do you think will happen if one of the company's fail. Well no more competition and there goes all the good games.

Sphinx5876d ago

...hahahaha!!! 70%?! Ignorance can be forgiven... we just all need to wait until January 1st, when all the sytems are out and the Christmas season has passed. How many luanch titles are coming with the PS3?

The Snake5876d ago

Is it possible to laugh hard enough at this example of shameless ignorance?

TheMART5876d ago

Achira, time after time you proof yourself dumb as hell.

Please stop because no one takes you serious anymore by these predictions

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Boink5876d ago

that was good article, made some great points.

it is a dangerous move by sony, and if blu-ray fails, the ps3 goes with it, and pretty much sony completely. which I hope doesn't happen, as competition will make all 3 work better/harder for our business.

Sphinx5876d ago

...but I can't help but want the 360 to come out on top.

djbassay2k55876d ago

the Bluray drive in the PS3 can still read DVD's

Sphinx5876d ago

...but why pay that much for a DVD player?

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