Burnout 5 coming to Xbox 360 and PS3

Electronic Arts have today announced that they will release Burnout 5 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2007. There is little information on the new title, although Alex Ward, director of game design at Criterion said that "Burnout 5 is a complete reinvention of the series, built from the ground up for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. To create truly next-generation gameplay, we needed to create a truly next-generation game, from top to bottom."

The game will give players the ability to crash, bash and smash their opponents in Paradise City - "the ultimate seamless racing battleground", which is said to have a massive infrastructure of traffic-heavy roads. According to the press release, there is no need for menus in the game, as every intersection is a potential crash junction, and every alleyway is an opportunity to rack up moving violations. Gamers will be given a Drivers Licence as they start the game, and this will record the player's most aggressive, reckless and destructive exploits behing the wheel.

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Microsoft Master5879d ago

Great stuff. Burnout 5 will be awesome.

subcell5879d ago

I'm still enjoying Burnout 4....

Burnout 5 on a 62 inch will cause major sickness!

Yomaster5878d ago

AWESOME! Yet another game in the Burnout series that can give me heart attacks while having fun! And this time, it's REALLY next-gen!