DualShock 2, Now Fully Wii Compatible

"The Wii is all about motion control. To get all French, it's the system's raison d'etre. Which makes this product, allowing non-waggling Dualshocks to be used on the system, a strange one. Almost as strange as packaging that features a saucy Wii...fairy godmother, I think, and a PaRappa cosplayer riding a Dualshock controller cord like a witche's broom. Almost." - Kotaku

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midgard2294111d ago

wierd, how does sony allow this, not that they shudnt, but its still wierd.

may aswell tho, Wii has so many ports from the ps2, may aswell port the controller

ChickeyCantor4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

there are even adapters for COnsole controllers to PC.
so i dont really see the problem.
although the box looks really wrong.

And your last phrase didnt make sense @ all, not only a bad joke, but the fact you pretend the PS2 ports also show the same button icons ingame.

^ its been done before, its more like a PS2->gcn because it goes in the GCN controller port anyway.

midgard2294110d ago

i didnt mean that the button layout was the same, actually, wait thats wierd and confusing then if u use the ps2 remote.....hmmm lol. but no i know that there are adaptors, theres even one for original xbox to work with ps2 controller.

but u know the ps2 port thing is tru lol, i was jus teasin a lil with the controller also being ported. im sure ya heard that okami was an exact port aswell right? just wonderin ;p

ChickeyCantor4110d ago

yes okami is a port i never played it so i dont mind.

ItsDubC4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

Wii also has the most upcoming exclusives so why not talk about that along with the ports?

"Blah blah blah but I don't care about those exclusives, they don't have guns, cars, violence, or shading effects that make me climax blah blah blah."

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