Rockstars Bully revamped for 360 and Wii but not for PS3

In spite of all the critical acclaim, most people glossed right over Rockstar Games' Bully; it even received a coveted 10 in the pages of EGM. Rockstar isn't giving up on the new IP just yet, however, as they've announced Bully: Scholarship Edition for both Xbox 360 and Wii, complete with tweaked visuals and additional content.
Other than that, we're in the dark, but Rockstar says the revamped Bully is coming to both platforms this "winter." This could be the perfect game to cool down from the fall gaming season with in early 08 -- keep watching as we learn more -- but here's a question: where's the PlayStation 3 version?

toughNAME5969d ago (Edited 5969d ago )

we should just assume the PS3 version of multiplatforms will be lacking

but luckily the PS3 exclusives are better than 360 exclusives

I mean,(in order of most recent) Bioshock/Halo 3/PGR4 vs. Lair/Warhawk/HS

no chance!

Jdash245969d ago (Edited 5969d ago )

oh ya

but how bout this

viva pinata/scene it/beautiful katamari vs. haze/uncharted/mgs4

real nice comparison

@tough, lol.....i know......i like being sarcastic.........but that was the point :P

an actual fair list would be

halo 3/ bioshock/mass effect vs. killzone2/ mgs4/ FF13

ahh i see that.....well im listing the heavy hitters that people will think of when they hear the consoles name

toughNAME5969d ago (Edited 5969d ago )

but i like your avatar...so ill let you give it another shot

go on, try again


uuhh...future games?
chnaces r killzone will flop...so use like singstar instead

wait! no im comparing recently released games

DeadIIIRed5969d ago

I'll give you some credit that HS and Lair were tremendous, and I do mean tremendous let downs. To be truthful, they're steaming piles of sh*t. However, Warhawk has a much more immersive multiplayer experience than Halo 3. Once UT3 comes out in December followed by MGS4, Final Fantasy XIII, and Killzone 2, we'll start to see a tremendous shift in power.

Besides, this game (Bully) is old news to anyone with a PS2 or PS3.

TheSadTruth5968d ago

Something Xbox and PS3 owners can all agree on is that the titles on the site need to be chosen better. Instead of "Rockstars Bully revamped for 360 and Wii but not for PS3" how about "Rockstar's Bully remake confirmed for Xbox 360 and Wii."

brothersimon5968d ago

You're a retard. GTFO of teh webz and play on ur PS3 XD

But other than that, reason it aint on PS3 is because if you have no noticed, PS3 sucks.

Ri0tSquad5968d ago

if 360's 1st year exclusives were compared with ps3's first year exclusives.

mesh15968d ago

SON i think u miss read there is no ps3 version.

EXPLICIT215968d ago

Why would I need a ps3 version? wii and 360 owners are just getting sloppy seconds.

marinelife95968d ago

Why would wii and 360 owners want a hand me down? This is just like lost planet.

AngryTypingGuy5968d ago

"but luckily the PS3 exclusives are better than 360 exclusives" -- Yeah, maybe in Bizarro World. Two words: Mass Effect. But you're right about the 360 version of games being better.

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Rooftrellen5968d ago

There are reasons to look the other way on the PS3.

It's hard and expensive to develop for, and the install base isn't too high.

I don't consider it "using" the Sony any more than I think Square "used" Nintendo. If there are characteristics of a console you don't like, you don't develop some games for it.

If you want someone turning their back on someone else, look at MS turning their back on Sony with the Dreamcast, or the deal Sony tried to make with Nintendo to make Nintendo characters their property.

sticky doja5969d ago

1) Didnt sell well on PS2

2) Most people that have a PS3 had a PS2 so they are either the ones that didn't buy it or already have it

3) PS3 owners can always get the original to play (unless of course the buy the new SKU)

ShiftyLookingCow5969d ago

The 3rd point also probably indicates that the 360 version's "graphical enhancements" is not really that much

Darkiewonder5969d ago

You lose one, then you gain one [If the two version sell] means funds to develop the next game.

zslash5969d ago

This is old... look at the article date on 1UP, July!