Naruto: PS3 Project: New Scan

onAXIS: "In the latest scan in a Japanese magazine, a new picture is shown on the upcoming CyberConnect2 developed title, Naruto: PS3 Project. No new information is given sadly, considering the title is in early development, and doesn't even have a real name yet.

It's planned for a release in Japan sometime 2008. A U.S. release date to follow."

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sonarus4017d ago

judging from this 1 screen this is gonna be the best naruto ever made way better than the xbox 360 version and the claimed it can only be done on the xbox 360 take a look at this lol...I honestly do predict the naruto developer for the ps3 project will say it can only be don e on ps3

ruibing4017d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Ok I just saw the preview video of it and it looked good. I think it is cell shaded and it looks intense. These games based on animes are a dime a dozen and rarely any good, but I hope this one is. This plus a good one based on Bleach, Gantz, and One Piece would be cool.

w57cpd4017d ago

Before you place judgement on the 360 version give it a chance. Why are you getting so hyped up on a scan of a game you know very little about.

FF7numba14016d ago

I like the 360 version but the ps3 version looks like a dbz game. Which is a good thing. By the looks of it your given an big battlefield to fight on.

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xhi44017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

I must agree with you there, this Naruto version looks amazing, it's like the actual tv show playable! i personally think the softer, lighter pads on the PS3 is much better for games like this. However, FPS games suit the 360 much better. Other genre's (such as adventure, RPG) feel more natural on the ps3 controller. As much as you say 'each to their own' you cannot denie the design implementation and target. That is one of the advantages I think this game will have over the 360 version.

I mean look at the difference!

One looks like a Dragon Ball Z game upgraded, the other looks like a playable anime tv show. If they can execute a Dragon Ball Z game the same way this Naruto PS3 project is turning out.......i'll die with excitement lol

sonarus4017d ago

yep the ps3 controller is better for action games figters like virtual fighter xbox takes cake for racers and and especially for shooters however i think the difference is minimal especially on the ps3 pad but dat cud be ma preference however my above comment was supposed to be sarcastic

xhi44017d ago

Yeah that's the thing with text, it fails to correctly represent tone of voice, unless executed effectively.

But i honestly believe, by the screenshots I've seen that this is much superior to the other version, not because of the whole fanboy thing, I don't blame it on the hardware, but look at the screenshots and then the attached image of a 360 image taken from, it's far superiour, evidently.

Bnet3434017d ago

Xbox 360 controller better then this, PS3 controller better then that, how about you guys have a cup of STFU!!! >:). It all comes down to which controller you like best. I know people who hate the PS3 controller analog placement, and there are people who hate 360 controller.

and xhi4 wtf is this mean:

Other genre's (such as adventure, RPG) feel more natural on the ps3 controller

Ermm have you played Oblivion? Yeah, thats an RPG. That didn't feel more natural on PS3 controller if you ask me. and games like blue dragon played fine on it. As for this story SONARUS your judging Naruto on 360 its not even out yet, thats just not fair. Stop sniffing the monkeys butthole and say something that doesnt sound like fecal matter coming out of someones mouth

sonarus4016d ago

at kigmal 1st let me address the naruto comment. i saw the screen and for all i knw that could have been a cut scene or wateva and i already stated my comment as being sarcastic. However after seeing the preview video from the ps3 project not sure how much of it was gameplay or how much of it was cut scene or wateva but i have to say the ps3 version does look better. Ps3 version looks as authentic to naruto as you can possibly get.

As to regards to the controller it really is a matter of opinion but not in all cases. In certain games the ps3 controller is the controller of choice and this is usually due to the 360 d pad. It simply isnt a very good dpad its like a dpad stick hybrid and for this reason it is not very precise for all games virtual fighter and such such. Pro evolution soccer as well for those of us who knw the game u'd knw it is best played with the d pad. Also another flaw in the 360 controller design at least in my opinion is in the right and left bumper i find these buttons to be quite uncomfortable and that is why they arent usually used for major actions in games. Action games on the other hand usually utilize all buttons equally so uncomfortable buttons are annoying. I do feel the 360 controller has better analog stick placement however the sticks are small and not as comfortable on my thumbs as ps3 they may be more precise than the ps3 controller though.

At the end of the day use the controller you want to use i do feel the 360 d pad was poorly designed. and i feel 360 put far too much emphasis on the right and left trigger at the expesne of the left and right bumpers. PS3 controller may be an obsolete design but it is 1 am used to and the better controller IMO

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Marceles4017d ago

If that's actual in-game footage, that's pretty damn impressive to say the least.

drtysouf214017d ago

can't wait to get more info on this.

ActionBastard4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

That looks like it will sell like crazy in the Land of the Rising 360.

EDIT: Way to over examine Kigmal. Thanks for a break down of the flag. Kinda sad really.

Bnet3434017d ago

knock yourself out on this one but that actually made sense. The circle on the japanese flag is 360 degrees. :) The land of the rising red 360 ... the land of the rising red ring of death 360 ZOMG!!!shift!!111eleven!11

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