Clive Barker interview - We need more gay protagonists in gaming

Clive Barker talks to GamePro about his new game Jericho, how video games are an emerging art form, and how we need more gay protagonists in gaming:

"One of the characters in Jericho is a lesbian. It's very hard in a first-person shooter to do things with the delicate issues of gender and to explore who she is when she puts the gun down. If you put the gun down some monster's going to eat you. One day I want to be part of a team that creates a game with a gay man or woman in the lead role where they are casually sexual, just as heterosexual characters are casually sexual in games, and have the public be perfectly comfortable with it. My belief is that audiences are perfectly comfortable with it already. I think it tends to be people in marketing departments that tend to be most frightened by those types of ideas."

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smturner684106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

like Tim Sweeney. He's the guy in charge at Epic games. Now, I've never read anything about it, but he's got to be gay.
I think it's in the Gears of War special edition, where Cliffy B goes and asks Tim to use his Lamborghini...
He goes in and sitting in Tim's room is a big gay rainbow flag AND the gay leatherman flag, or maybe they're kites, not sure...but the leatherman flag is black, white, and blue. That means he's into leather. So, for reference. Go look at the Gears extra videos and then go to
You'll see what I mean. He seems to be gay, either that or he just likes gay flags. I think it's cool. Now, it seems that the smart guy behind Unreal Engine 3 is proof that gays are NOT wastes of space.

ravinash4106d ago

I mean, do they sudden stop what their doing and then start doing it in the middle of the game.
Whats the big deal?
Surely if your the one in control of the character, then it is what ever you want it to be.

Chris_GTR14106d ago

"One of the characters in Jericho is a lesbian... "
yesss! oh wait.. those are nasty as hell also , with their guy cloths,short hair cuts and very overweight..ugghhh

trane074106d ago

Not to be mean or anything, but a gay female I can handle, but a playable gay

StarsCream4105d ago

Why? does it tickle you in places you dont understand?
Or is it that your mind cant handle the real world around you?

Go ahead....pick one....

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