European hardware charts for the week ending 21st October, ps3 outsells x360 2:1

Weekly Total
DS 171,260 17,454,212
Wii 70,322 3,594,122
PS3 64,087 1,758,644
PS2 57,152 43,208,915
PSP 54,449 8,589,452
x360 37,303 3,791,899
GBA 2,286 19,536,528

Ps3 outsold x360 almost 2:1 last week in Europe. It would be interesting to see ps3's european sales this week when PES 2008 ps3 bundle hits the scene on 26th October ,2007 . x360 was outsold by all consoles in the market except GBA

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power of Green 4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Is the price drop spike wearing off already? I don't remember what the sales were last week but it seems like key markets are already looking like they're evening out.

Don't take this to the bank though I think I'm wrong.


You and your ho-hum opinions.

* PS3 week ending 14th October: Total = 74,746...
* 360 week ending 14th October: Total = 42,244...

* PS3 Week Ending 21st October: Total = 64,087...
* 360 Week Ending 21st October: Total - 37,303...

The PS3's sales are dropping faster or by a bigger number vs the 360 with the god dam price drop when it shouldn't be. The PS3 sales should be increasing, its understandable for the 360 sales to drop due to PS3's price drop and with only so many people willing to pay the price of console costing $300 to $400 USD the PS3 could be facing the same issue with the first Price drop .

Games and bundles will change everything for both companies so this pointess BS is moot.

nasim4011d ago

PES 2008 ps3 bundle would be unleashed next week . a slight decrease in ps3 sales was due to the fact that 60 gig has been sold out in most stores of UK and EU including HMV UK , Amazon UK,GERMANY ,FRANCe.

Halo 3 bundle had 0 effect in EU . resistance, motorstorm and Heavenly sword murdered halo 3 in EU .

Halo 3 bundle was offered all over EU ever since the price cut of ps3.


nothing is left for x360 . ORANGE BOX flopped all over EU . You wont find a single chart where ORANGE BOX topped the list.

expect total carnage by PS3 next week .

console war is finished in EU . japan and na remain


Jandre024011d ago

PES2008, then the games library will be full of games like Assassins Creed, COD4, Ratchet/Uncharted. When Europeans have a choice they choose anything thats not American.

Is there really a PES bundle coming? If thats true then I dont see the how the Xbox can overcome that, even with Halo 3/Mass Effect.

PES Bundle Europe
Ratchet/Spiderman Bundle US
Lair(?) Bundle Japan (lol.)

AnalFace4011d ago

Power Of Red

Be scared


jackfatal4011d ago

am sorry xbots fans!! its not the fun time is over!! u had ur September!
by the way i like the way u said "When Europeans have a choice they choose anything thats not American." its some how true not just in europe but every where else in the world!!
japan is better then USA in almost everything accept weapons of mass destruction and real movies!

dazreah4011d ago

Nasim you are a fool the of course you won't see the orange box in the eu charts yet its been out for 3 days! Wait till friday when the software charts are updated. You are the biggest fangirl here.

ruibing4011d ago

Not that I trust vgchart, this is hopeful news for all PS3 fans and potential buyers.

DeckUKold4011d ago

bubbles 4 that true true comment

ATLRoAcH4011d ago

And it begins.End comment.

gerrard4011d ago

i clicked dissagree by accident it's ment to be agree, anyway heres a bubble from me.

neogeo4011d ago

DS and Wii also beat 360. losing steam?
Nintendo is rich

Bebedora4011d ago

We europeans (most of) choose quality over crap. Americans can do some quality products too. xb360 is not one of them. And some really just don't like the US for some reason.

andy0014011d ago

You can't really count the number drops as indicators for comparison, as with a near 2:1 difference the PS3 would always look bad.

Indeed, if you check out the percentage drops you can see that the PS3 dropped 14% and the 360 12%. Given a reasonable level of error in the VGC figures I think we can assume it is a seasonal or weekly pattern.

We shall see over the next few weeks I guess

Bleem3604011d ago


Can I quote you please? You may remember this, but let me give you a reminder anyway. This is what you said when VGChart said 360 outsold PS3

" 1.1 - for sure BIG BANG announcement will have big effect
However i dont trust VGCHARTS.
none of us does"

Then you go and create a post using data from VGCharts?

You see, this is the problem with blind fanboyism. In general, fanboys do actually help the gaming industry. They buy the latest games and tech then will happily tell all their mates to buy the same.

But, some fanboys can have the opposite affect. They make their console manufacturer look as silly as they do what with all the name calling (XBOT?) and mildly ammusing stats.

Which one are you Nasim?

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power of Green 4011d ago

VGC in the states have been giving the 360 numbers that are not enough or proven to be too low vs numbers too high for the PS3. I wonder how accurate the over sea's VGC is?.

resistance1004011d ago

how do you explain the fact that VG charts often show less ps3 units sold than actually is.

Still VG charts shouldn't be used as actual sales any week, only as a vague guideline of sales at best

gerrard4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Oh so you dissagree with what VGcharts says? Not so long ago you were using it as fact when Halo 3 sold 3m with x360 when its suits you. Come on make up your mind.

power of Green 4011d ago

Nevermind Not enough difference to care really the 360 dropped a little over 5 thousand and the PS3 dropped around 10 thousand. Still not good for PS3 with the drop should be much more.

TheExecutive4011d ago

Well, in the end Europe has always belonged to the PS brand... the ps3 will be no different, its gonna take time and more games but it will come.

sticky doja4011d ago

"always belonged to the PS brand" Have you ever heard of Nintendo?

TheExecutive4011d ago

Yes I have, and I also know that every ps brand that has ever been out outsold Ninetendo consistently within those generations... whats your point?

Rooftrellen4011d ago

Did you also know that in the year 2000 every Nintendo console, home or handheld really took control of the market?

Going by the logic of what happened before must keep going, your logic never happened.

It did, but if we're using your logic...

TheExecutive4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

it was just to point out that the brand is very strong in europe, i am not saying that things dont change. I just dont see it changing this gen.

4011d ago
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Kuest4011d ago

that, yes, VG does tend to overestimate PS3 sales and underestimate 360 sales. Still, this should serve as a warning to MS (if hasn't already) that they NEED to increase their marketing over-seas.

Establishing a foothold in America is a good start. Hell, a great start- but they need to amass better world sales in order to compete GLOBALLY.

power of Green 4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

What should MSFT do?, release more Soccer games?.

I sense a touch of bias and a hint of anti yank pressense from the overseas market not alot but the proof is in the news, XBL and on this site.

{{{Force}}} ((((NO BEEF))))

They always use the PS consoles as an all in one device so they don't have to buy alot of stuff(you know because the PS3 beats the 360 in games?).

TheHater4011d ago

Dude I think you got it twisted. It has been proven that actually inflate xbox360 sales, while decreasing the ps3 sales. And if you think I am wrong, you should do some research and see for ourself.

MJY2K4011d ago

Personally I think it's Sony that should increase marketing in Europe. I live in the UK and the last advert I've seen for PS3 was the 'This is Living' in the hotel and that was months and months ago. And the only game advert I've seen is for Heavenly Sword, and that's hardly ever on.

Comparing that to Microsoft, you see an advert relating to the 360 every other day