GameSpot plays new levels of Kane & Lynch on PC and PS3

Last week GameSpot had an opportunity to check out both the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, and they played through a couple of previously unseen campaign levels in the process:

"The PlayStation 3 version that we saw was almost indistinguishable from the Xbox 360 game that we've played previously, and although the PC version was being shown on a laptop that we very much doubt did it justice, switching between the two platforms during our session wasn't jarring at all. Our only concerns with Kane & Lynch at this point are that the auto-cover system doesn't always seem as eager as to back us up against objects as we are, and that some of the AI-controlled colleagues in the game are a little too quick to move forward when instructed to target a specific enemy when they could just as easily remain in cover."

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Clinton5144017d ago

I hope it delivers, I really like the criminal theme to it.

jackdoe4017d ago

Kane and Lynch looks pretty bad to me. I don't know. Just never got it. Anyway, wasn't this game delayed until 08?

games4fun4017d ago

i just want to rob banks :)

xhi44017d ago

is looking extremely sexy, but my pocket will be too dry for this little baby. :(!!

I hear they are already making or in pre-production to make the film for this game, has anybody heard anything else about it?