New Total War coming

Total War developer The Creative Assembly is hard at work on the next installment of the strategy franchise. Eurogamer confirmed with Studio Director Tim Heaton that work began on the next installment while the studio was finishing Total War: Shogun 2. "Absolutely, we're on the next," said Heaton.

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Xof4283d ago

This is not news. Do not approve garbage articles that are not news, and do not offer anything worthwhile to discuss.

Or better yet: don't write them in the first place.

Saryk4283d ago

I disagree this is news as it will lead a lot of speculation to what era the Total War franchise will go. I would love some kind of WWI game, myself. If not WWI then something never done, maybe futuristic.

Xof4282d ago

Well, you're wrong.

Everyone knew there would be another Total War game.

Fans have been speculating on its historical setting since before Shogun 2 was even released.

And if if you WERE right, you'd STILL be wrong: this article is not news, whether or not it incites discussion or not. This would be better suited as a forum post. New, by definition, is NEW INFORMATION. This article contains nothing new, and nothing informative.

Saryk4282d ago

I had no clue you were that anal, next time I'll remember. Weed, Whiskey and getting laid will help!

Raendom4283d ago

Official LOTR Total War would be my suggestion. There are LOTR mods out there for ROME and they rock, could only imagine what a ground-up LOTR Total War game would be like.

4283d ago