Destructoid's hands-on with Army of Two; New images

When interviewing Woody Mister, the military consultant to Army of Two, he made a claim that while Gears of War was originally his favorite title to play, Army of Two had taken its place in light of its concentration on co-op interaction. For gamers who are looking for a twist in game play and have a favorite gaming pal to play with, this game should be a refreshing new spin on the typical shooter. However, gamers who are typically pinned on the ways of the Halo-style shooters and enjoy going lone wolf on games may have a bit of trouble adjusting to the co-op oriented game play.

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Dr Pepper4013d ago

I'm willing to bet it got delayed because no one is really paying any attention to it (among other reasons).

And why should they? I have come to expect EA to bring out titles like this. This game looks, to be honest, boring and dull (as well as just plain stupid). The graphics don't look good and need a lot of work (note the trees and mountains in the background, 1st pic, 2nd row) and the whole look of the soldiers is ridiculous (the flames? the masks? wtf?).

I mean, don't those new pics just scream intense action!!! /sarcasm

I hope I'm wrong about this game (I will take as many good games as I can), but as of now I can say that I'm not impressed. This is all my opinion, by the way.

Kuest4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

that way... yeah, I kind of agree.

Here's to hoping EA can pull things together (probably not)!

VirusE4012d ago

Is it just me or do the graphics seem to get worse every time we see new screen shots. It's like frame city killer all over again.