THQ: Stuntman, Juiced Performance 'Not Acceptable'

Though both Stuntman: Ignition and Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights have sold more than a million copies each worldwide, Farrell said neither achieved desired play mechanic and overall quality targets, something that was "particularly disappointing" following the performance of games like Saints Row.

"This is not acceptable," said Farrell, "and we've taken steps to address it," he said, adding that THQ would be taking a three fold approach for the future.

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Zhuk4040d ago

i'm amazed that these games sold so much, personally I thought they were the two most uninspired releases this year from any publisher

xplosneer4040d ago

Played both demos on my PS3 and my friends Xbox 360. They didn't look good(graphics wise), Stuntman's controls were pretty mediocre, and Juiced wasn't a big jump ahead from Juiced one as I would have liked.

DeckUKold4040d ago

only game i like from them was sonic advance 1 2 and 3

Wii60PS3DSPSP4040d ago

I loved those. Anyone remember the WCW and WWF games they made for the N64?

Marceles4040d ago

And they had some good wrestling games...other than that, flop. Juiced 2??? why are people buying that?? That just gives them a bigger reason to make Juiced 3, sigh* :(

DeckUKold4040d ago

that to i luved N64 wrestling

unrealchris4040d ago

never liked the Juiced series one of the worst games ever and Stuntman looks boring the original was in better shape

Hagaf224040d ago

did anybody go out and preorder either of these with high hopes, we all were thinking and now that some one says it out loud its acknowledged, i didnt think we had to talk about common facts....

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The story is too old to be commented.