Transformers HD DVD Smashes 1st-Week Sales Records

Paramount says first-week sales numbers for its HD-DVD release of Transformers top those of any high-def disc released on either next gen format to date.

According to Paramount, the HD-DVD edition of Transformers sold over 100,000 units in its first day of release, and went on to sell an additional 90,000 units over the next six days, making it the fastest selling high-definition release on either high-definition format, as well as the best selling HD-DVD ever. The standard-def version of Transformers sold 8.3 million units in its first week and 4.5 million copies on day one. More within...

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drtysouf214014d ago

then the Blu-ray version would have sold about 400k if the 2 to 1 ratio would have been in effect like Warner Brothers 300.

ravinash4014d ago

Don't ya just love it when companies leave it to the consumer to choose what they want.

AnalFace4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )


moscardini74014d ago

Who is going to buy hd-dvd just for one movie.? Xbox is smart guy.

Bloodmask4014d ago

that there ARE some consumers that ARE buying HD-DVDs after all. It is highly likely that Transformers will really push HD-DVD players this Christmas.

It just goes to show that the attach rate for "standalone" players is much higher than that of the PS3. After all there really is no way to tell who bought the PS3 for games or movies.

Standalones should be the way to judge the market. After all I don't go buy an Xbox 360 to watch movies on.

LaxMan9864014d ago

we'll just wait untill spiderman 3 comes out...

DeckUKold4014d ago

But that was one of the biggest letdowns of 07 i don't think any action movie in 07 can be half as good as transformers spiderman 3 will sell dosen't mean it's nearly as good as transformers

Close_Second4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

...was not as good as Spiderman 2 but it was still ok. None of the Spiderman movies leave a lasting impression but they do deliver good value popcorn entertainment.

I must admit that whilst Transformers was entertaining I did not think about it for very long after leaving the theatre. Its certainly no Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Indiana Jones (I and III only!).

I for one will rent Transformers and will not buy it. To be honest, why do people buy movies anyway? Its not like you cant rent these movies anytime you like. Once you have watched a movie a couple of times chances are it will sit in your collection gathering dust. Heck, I once owned over 300 DVDs and sold them all off. I sat there one day looking at them and thinking when the hell will I ever get a chance to watch them all again? would I want to watch them all again anyway?

I would love to see some statistics on how often people watched a purchased DVD. Young people will probably watch them heaps but once you get a bit older (and wiser LOL) you realise that most movies don't warrant a second viewing anyway. So whay spend $30 (or more) buying it?

xplosneer4014d ago

Because people will buy PS3 for Blu Ray movies only...Not all, some, but wasn't it shown about 40% knew and bought Blu Ray movies on PS3?
But it is true that no format is going anywhere.

HarryEtTubMan4014d ago

On the mvoie reviews spiderman was given 3 stars and Transformers only 2. Transformers definately did not get the reviews Spidey 3 got even if you didn't like it. I still bought Trans former a ouple days ago though.... about to go watch it!!!

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