BioWare Employee Reviews Witcher II

It seems that employees for various companies are still using Metacrtic to either boost their own game ratings or just turn down other games in the process.

Hitman07694512d ago

Wow that is really cool of them, not.

Quagmire4512d ago

Is it the same guy who reviewed his own game to boost the score?

Rage_S904512d ago

thats pathetic how about you make a better game

Substance1014512d ago

Lol Sad, they dumbed their own game down for the masses which is why it didnt sell. Now they attempt to lower the metacritc of another pathetic.

Sorry bioware but you should learn the hard way, never ignore the core base for the masses.

Active Reload4512d ago

Man, people will fall for anything.

Heartnet4511d ago

Yeh but dunno why people are saying it on Bioware :L he is one guy who happens to work at bioware haha

Maybe he just though it was a bad game yeh? and thought his own game was good :D small possibility ;)

Istanbull4511d ago

Why is this news, fanboys do it all the time, why cant developpers do it. They're human with emotions too.

teething4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

good for this guy for giving DA2 a 10/10. I see it as taking a stand against all the butt-hurt PC fanboys who were giving the game 0/10 before they even gave it a chance, or even played it for that matter.

p.s. how do we know he is a Bioware employee??? I can create fake usernames too. Think about it.

Is this a Bioware employee acting like a troll, or a troll acting as a bioware employee?

Nevermind... forget logic. BIOWARE SUX! Crap since BGSOA. ME3 is dumist evah!!! LOLZ.

Bereaver4511d ago

That's the only thing I was wondering about. If it really was a fake username. That would solve a lot of problems.

But too bad there's no way to tell.

HolyOrangeCows4511d ago

"A user by the name of M_Stannard"

Ummmm....let's not jump to conclusions. I could name myself G_Newell and troll Metacritic pretty easily.

Unless there is confirmation that this site doesn't mention, I wouldn't assume that this is a guy from Bioware.

captain-obvious4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

bioware is slowly turning in to a really stinky pile of shit
its not the first time they do it

but it may not be true

i think you guys should look at those too

yah i think its a set up

jrbeerman114511d ago

Don't think its real, people can assume any name they want on these things, if a name "walt disney" posted on forums you wouldn't think it was an undead anti-Semite posting on forums.

Also user reviews for RPGs or long games in general shouldn't be factored this early. its almost proof in itself that its trolling good or bad. (if they got early copy i don't care)

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RedDead4512d ago (Edited 4512d ago )

Guys come on, no need to lash out at the whole of Bioware for this, it was one employee and a troll like one at that. I would like for this guy to get his ass handed to him, but he can do what he wants, that includes trolling, Bioware should see this guy is giving them a bad name though.

:D GameZenith is right though
Bioware RIP 1998-2007

Kalowest4512d ago

Bioware is mad, because The Witcher 2 is awesome.
The story and graphics are on par or beyond anything Bioware can make.

P.S I really like Bioware, but their games lately have been :(

Perjoss4512d ago

at the rate at which they dumb games down it looks like mass effect 3 will be a puzzle game :(

FrankenLife4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

@Perjoss Naw, a puzzle game wouldn't be dumb enough for them. They trying to turn ME3 into a Gears of War clone. That is why the game was delayed. Bioware is busy taking out options for players, and palette swapping the 3 areas of the game so that they feel different.

On a side note: the reason Star Wars is taking so long is because they are preemptively removing content and options. Since you can't release a bunch of sequels with less features of an MMO, they are doing it a head of time.

I kid, but I miss the Bioware of old. They made really good games once.

theonlylolking4511d ago

Only Dragon Age 2 has been =(

REALgamer4511d ago

I'd treat this as simply an overly loyal employee of Bioware, rather than the entire studio's opinion.

There are assholes who work in every company.

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Christopher4512d ago (Edited 4512d ago )

I would take this with a grain of salt. It's so easy for anyone to create an account with this name and publish these reviews.

I could go, create a JackTretton login, and then rate all of the 360 exclusives low, for example.

The things people have done on the Internet in the last decade have desensitized me a bit towards this sort of stuff and made me less likely to believe that an employee of any company would be this idiotic.

Treezy5044512d ago

I was thinking the same thing, but then again you never know.

Tony P4511d ago

Only last week, Facebook was found to have hired a leading PR firm to influence news outlets and blog writers to smear Google.

I agree. You really never know these days.

Heartnet4511d ago

Hehe tis funny :) Maybe its actualyl true and its HIS own opinion of it haha

Tony P4511d ago

Well, I normally don't do this but...

@BioWare: u mad bro?

TVippy4511d ago

Haha, this can't be happening, it must be a joke.

djreplay4511d ago

Bioware trolling, priceless

Jamegohanssj54511d ago

But ME3 does/will suck. ME1 and 2 were garbage. Same for dragon age and those star wars games they did for Xbox and PC.


Shepherd 2144511d ago

Yea because the knights of the old republic series sucked so hard.


Jamegohanssj54511d ago

Considering that no one purchased it, it did suck. Hell I didn't purchase it or find out aboot it until 2 years ago. And I saw how horrible the graphics and gameplay was I knew it sucked. Mass Effect is the same way. And so is Dragon Age. They all have horrible gameplay, horrible graphics, overrated, I can created better things in my asshole. It's okay that you want to suck off Bioware but at the end of the day we all know that I am right.

You can continue to argue while I finished beating Haze for the 4th time.


wollie4511d ago

lols, you trollin.