Videogames in Schools: GTA the new ABC?

Do videogames belong in the classroom? In a recent interview, David Hutchinson, author of Playing to Learn: Video Games in the Classroom discusses his belief that videogames can have value in the educational system, even finding a place for controversial Grand Theft Auto.

Sorry Mom, I can't do the dishes tonight because I have to do my homework-playing videogames.

This scenario may seem like bizarro world, but to David Hutchinson, author of the new book Playing to Learn: Video Games in the Classroom, videogames and education do not have to be mutually exclusive.

In an interview with Henry Jenkins an author himself as well as the director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program and a prolific blogger, Hutchinson discusses his book and how he believes that videogames-even Grand Theft Auto-can have a place in the classroom.

According to Hutchinson, "videogames can provide teachers with an effective instructional 'hook' since so many students are gamers in their out-of-school lives." Add to this the fact that many younger teachers are also gamers, he says and you've got yourself a recipe for some common ground relation between pupil and teacher.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

It's my constitutional right! Like Carl Johnson, use to say after busting a cap on some n*ggers.

Quickstrike4017d ago

If i could say i have to go do my homework that was actualy playing video games i would be so happy :)

Play B3yond4017d ago

This would actually be a good idea because it would make learning fun, not 1 person looks forward to going to school and that means they wont have a desire to learn but if they put videogames as a part of the students lessons it would help them. Millions of people drop out of school and end up being criminals or homeless people just because they dont look forward to going to school. And anyway it would be fun to play videogames in school.