Rock Band's campaign mode won't have online co-op

When you travel from city to city in Rock Band's "World Tour" mode, you'll be stuck performing with bandmates across the den from you, rather than across the country, according to Harmonix. In a forum post from a company staffer, it was revealed that online co-op won't be a part of the World Tour, though it's still included with the quickplay and competition modes.

If you were looking forward to hitting the road with a global band you might fight some comfort in the fact that the feature is still being developed.

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ReBurn4017d ago

That's too bad, really. Online multiplayer would be cool.

americanGTA4017d ago

i just need the online multi player

Syko4017d ago

The game still has Online play in quickplay mode, It is just impossible with all the DLC that adds in to the campaign mode to make the co-op online effective the the world tour mode. Plus this game is meant to be played in a local multiplayer setting...At least that is where all the fun is at.

Cat4017d ago

yeah, but taking the tour online would be fun!

jackdoe4017d ago

That sucks but isn't really a deal breaker.

Twizlex4017d ago

That's just dumb. The whole point was making a band with my friends and rocking out across the globe. Quick play is weak. I'm thinking I might just wait to see if they patch it before I buy it. What a shame...