Microsoft not so Sharp

My headset broke yesterday, I was told I would get a new one in 2 to3 weeks!!! Knowing that I couldn’t wait that long I decided to begin trying other methods while I wait. My first idea was to follow the ideas of some modders who have fitted female adapters to their headsets to allow them to use old Xbox headsets. However this wasn’t an option as I wasn’t sure where my microphone had been damaged.
That was when I took out my SharpGX10 to see the input on the side of it was somewhat like that of the xbox360s controller. So I went searching for the Hands free kit, after finding it I plugged it straight into my 360's wireless controller and was immediately greeted with the shouting of young, high pitched, pre adolescent Americans. Their screams despite making me cringe with pain awoke a sense of relief that I wasn’t going to wait 3weeks to tell them to shut up.

I think this should help many people who want another headset but aren’t going to spend money on one, maybe some of you know about this but I couldn’t find it on any other websites when looking for resolutions for my problem. So I hope this at least helps someone.


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omansteveo5871d ago

You could use any cellphone headset in the old xbox controller

drewdrakes5870d ago

This isnt news, ive known this for months, and have taken apart my headset to make my own work.

Chewy 1015870d ago

Any hands-free works, not only sharps'.

tackleb0x5870d ago

This isnt news. Take this story down. Most handsfree headsets work with xbox and xbox360. Its common knowledge in the community. Where was the story trying to make MS look stupid 5 years ago?