Project Cafe / Wii 2: Is This The Controller?

Is this the controller of Nintendos new console?

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wwm0nkey3479d ago

lol, no.

All leaked info points to it being a normal controller like the 360/PS3 with a screen on it, not a wiimote with a screen.

Also that mock up just sucks.

iamnsuperman3479d ago

agree. That also would be the most pointless screen unless the wii remote was 2-3 times as big. Nice try but no

wwm0nkey3479d ago

Also the analog is just in a stupid position too, you know how bad it would hurt to constantly try to use that thing? lol

NukaCola3479d ago

This doesn't even deserve a facepalm. What the hell is this, cause it sure isn't news...let alone a rumor. It's a foot long wiimote with a bunch a crap added to it.

AEtherbane3479d ago

Project Cafe / Wii 2: Is This The Poorly Done Photoshop?

Smacktard3479d ago

ROFL. Yeah, a controller way longer than Wii Motion Plus, with a screen that's completely obscured by your thumb. Yeah, great design.

Ugh, sites like this make me sick. Amateur writers beyond belief.

TheLastGuardian20103479d ago

That better not be the controller....ugh.

Fishy Fingers3479d ago

This is a joke right? Apparently, a German one.

LiquidSnack3479d ago

That's a terrible Photoshop job and you know it

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The story is too old to be commented.