The First 20 Minutes of L.A. Noire

Pixel Apocalypse brings you the first 20 minutes of L.A. Noire's campaign in full HD. Conveniently enough, the first 20 minutes includes the first mission of the game in its entirety, so you'll see how the game eases you into its unique play style. Check it out below.

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Liuqahs154273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

hope you guys enjoy

Stuart57564273d ago

Will not watch! Mines been shipped, might be here tomorrow!

Liuqahs154273d ago

I think you're really gonna like it! As long as you're not expecting a typical Rockstar game, you should find the unique gameplay really interesting. Some may find it boring, but I like it a lot : )

ravinash4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

So something for the older people who have more than a 20 second attention span.

Liuqahs154273d ago

you could say that. Considering some of the really grotesque bodies you uncover and all that, it's at least definitely for "older" people if we take older to mean "not children"

gedapeleda4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Oh man I just keep getting the idea of not buying this
for the stupid driving mechanics 20:00 cars don't have weight,but everything else looks so beutiful

Liuqahs154273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Just so you know, you don't HAVE to drive. You can make your partner drive, and if the characters have a conversation you'll see him driving and hear them talk. But if not, it'll just fast-travel you there. The problem is your partner adheres to traffic laws, so even tho you get there instantly you technically "take longer."

Sometimes, you'll have to go somewhere where a crime is actively taking place. If your partner drives you, you might get there and have to investigate what happened (cuz you missed it). If you drive yourself, you'll probably make it in time to see the crime in progress and stop it.

It's a really open-ended game. If you're still unsure, though, I'd say wait it out. There's sure to be a deal for it sometime soon!