Ubisoft taunts with forthcoming Assassin's Creed surprise

"Document sans nom," the title reads in French. A single bloody feather falls onto a vacant white backdrop. The calligraphy reads "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." Flashes of molecular diagrams fill the page momentarily. November 14, 2007. Be prepared..."

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Spike474066d ago

my predictions:

assasins creed movie
release date of the pc version
a special event or show
free giveaways
assasins creed action figures
assasins creed 2 revealed.
extra downloadable content
special assasins creed merchandise giveaway.

okay that's it.

anyone know when the pc version is coming?

highps34066d ago

Only thing I can think of. That eagle, hawk whatever they showed, you can probably trasnform into that and fly around or something....

OR just a promotional stunt.

games4fun4066d ago

that is actually a pretty creative idea i hope that is true would add a whole new level of gameplay even if i got bored of single player somehow it would be fun to fly around in the town.

Spike474066d ago

altair can stop/rewind/ fast forward time!!!!!

alextz4066d ago

Haha that would actually be cool :P They can just take the mechanics from sands of time and copy paste them onto this one

Chris3994066d ago

This is not old. This article from Ars (published today) has not been referenced in any other N4G article.

By the same logic of persons who are reporting the article, we should never have another article about what a smash hit Halo 3 was or the new 40 gig PS3.

This story was published by Ars today, has not been used in another N4G article and is most certainly NEWS. I imagine that this is not the last reference to a "mysterious Ubisoft AC announcement" that we will hear over the next little while. There will be articles published and they too will be "news". Let's all move on.


ATLRoAcH4066d ago

They where referring to this:
When they said old which was published hours before this.

Kuest4066d ago

to explain the whole sci-fi thing. That's all.

jackdoe4066d ago

Maybe they'll tell us why it is so sci-fi.

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