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GR-UK: "It's a game with some huge ambitions, and CD Projekt RED has managed to pull them all off. This is roleplaying games at their finest."

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Substance1014521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

CD Projekt have a strong GOTY contender on their hands. This is awesome for a small company such as them.

BeastlyRig4521d ago

console gamers disagree with u?

I just submitted a new 9.5 score review!

Darkfiber4521d ago Show
RedSky4515d ago

Okay roll call guys, if you're a console gamer who's disappointed they can't play this, why don't you go ahead and hit that big disagree option on the bottom there.

vandal GAB4521d ago

Why did I buy this game on steam, still have 7hrs to wait till I can start downloading lol.

Substance1014521d ago

Well i bought it on Steam too, cant download it yet. I just like all my games to be at Steam due to ease of use in the future.

Si-Fly4521d ago

Lol, I looked at the unlock time yesterday and thought there's no way I'm spending my day off waiting for it to unlock at 5pm! Normally I'd use steam. Just finished installing, smoking a pre-game cigarette before the major geek out begins ...

callahan094521d ago

I just looked at Steam and it is available to install right now. But GOG was the way to go. The most digital bonus items, no DRM, and they let you pre-load the game. I've already got it installed! Too bad I've got to go to work and I can't play it til later.

pr0digyZA4521d ago

Played a couple hours (still in the freaking prologue). went to the shops in the morning and picked it up. Awesome game once you sitdown and get absorbed into it, the bad thing is I now have a headache from staring at the screen for so long, oh well off for some more.

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BushLitter4521d ago

Sounds brilliant, although at the same time I haven't learnt anything that I haven't already read from any of the previews that were floating around.

Got to get this. Seeing as my PS3 is dead, I'll turn my attention to PC games for now...

NateCole4521d ago

Not surprise at all. Witcher 1 is the best RPG this gen sofar for me. Two i am sure is going to be amazing and built upon what part 1 has already done.

Part one was amazing with a few problems but i knew part two is going to be something special. Regarless of weather it wins goty this year or not it will most likely be my goty unless Diablo 3 comes out this year.

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