Testing Out Alienware's New Trade-In Program With The Ps3, Xbox 360, and Wii

Alienware hopes to sell more of its high-end PC gaming hardware with a new trade-in program. Next-Gen checks to see how much trade-in credit they could get for a PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Alienware's customizable PCs, at their most expensive, push the five-figure mark. But the PC gaming mainstay hopes that the newly-announced AlienExchange program will make obtaining a system more accessible to those on tighter budgets.

Interestingly, the exchange program not only includes old Alienware hardware, but virtually any electronics, including servers, projectors, cell phones, iPods, digital cameras, home theaters and the like. AlienExchange even provides a free shipping label to send in tradeable items.

Game systems are also tradeable towards Alienware PCs. We checked the trade-in value of a "like new" 60GB PlayStation 3 with one controller, all included cables and no games, bringing up an AlienExchange trade-in value of $264.50.

A similarly equipped Xbox 360 Premium package from 2005 is worth $178.25 and a Nintendo Wii is close behind at $172.50.

So it seems that if people are concerned with getting the most bang for their buck, eBay or another independent means of selling your electronics is the way to go, but like most trade-in programs, AlienExchange hopes that the convenience and speed of the trade-in model will outweigh the difference in payouts.

Not all game systems are worth money at AlienExchange. Game Boy Colors, unfortunately, will not help you get that dream PC, as there is no trade-in value.

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mighty_douche4018d ago

...sweet case though :0

basically Dell pc in a fancy rapper. its not quite tempting me to trade in my ps3 for roughly £120... pfft fuk off.

jackdoe4018d ago

That is such a rip off for a trade in. And Alienwares are ripoffs. Build your own to save a boatload of cash.

Bloodmask4018d ago

does make some really nice PCs. But you can build your own for about half the price. I still love the case and the lights though.

That is why Alienware let's you trade in "anything". They can sell it on Ebay and still make a killing off of their massively overpriced PC's.

PimpHandHappy4018d ago

arent those pc's like 2grand?

Yea screw that.

zsscommand4018d ago

Wow $250 for a PS3 and under $200 for a 360, are they nuts?! Good luck with that Alienware, Ill build my PC from thanks.

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