XNA Game Studio Express Beta 1 Released tomorrow!

Microsoft's new program; XNA Game Studio Beta 1 will be released tomorrow for beta testers. The new software will allow programmers to create their own games for use on the PC and the Xbox 360.

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Sidherich5882d ago

The Beta only supports creating Windows based games. MS doesnt want to release Beta software which might hold exploits and would endanger the security of the system. Xbox 360 development will be supported once the software will be fully released.

TheMART5882d ago

Yeah it says betatesters. Like also Windows can be betatested.

Doesn't really matter. What it points out is that MS delivers what they promise. Unlike some Sony statements.

MS keep up the good work

BIadestarX5882d ago

Count me in!
I already register my domain for this: World here I come!

PS360PCROCKS5882d ago

haha yeah me 2, I am excited as hell

Gh0stDrag0n5882d ago

..........Do I make a game today or play one?..........I can't wait for this.

BIadestarX5882d ago

gee man, you got me there... that's a very though question.