SCEE responds to complaint about the free games in their Welcome Back program

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe responds to a complaint about the list of free games they are offering in their Welcome Back program. They also provide a few additional details about how the program will work with users that have both PSP and PS3 systems, access from Playstation Plus contents from April and on when users can expect to be able to download the free content.

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MGRogue20173722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Be grateful, ffs..

Sony is giving away full PS3 games, they are actually pretty good ones as well

@ below, Damn straight. Preach, brother, preach!

LOGICWINS3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

They're ACTUALLY responding to these ungrateful people...WOW. Sony's going above and beyond today.

Sony shut down PSN to protect our info and have already probably spent a large sum of money to better PSN's security(OUR SECURITY) even though they've LOST 3 weeks of potential sales from the PS Store.

and NOW, on top of ALL that, they give us:

-A free month of PS Plus and Quirocity
-A weekend of free movie rentals
-2 Free PS3 games
-2 Free PSP games
-One HUNDRED free Home items

And people STILL bitch? Incredible. The fact that we have the ability to play Infamous 2,Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian, Yakuza 4, Twisted Metal, and Starhawk on a FREE online service would have been enough repayment.

NBT913722d ago

I know right lol I know some people might not like free stuff being offered but I am sure the majority do.
People always want everything for nothing.

Dramscus3722d ago

I have four and a half (fury expansion for wipeout that I don't have) of five games.

I take it as a sign that I buy too many games.

LOGICWINS3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I personally have NONE of these games and if you check the sales figures, ull find that MOST PS3 owners do not own ANY of the 5 PS3 games listed.

lol, people have BALLS these days!

evrfighter3722d ago Show
Kalowest3722d ago

"And people STILL bitch? Incredible."
I mainly think people are bitching is because they own most or all of those games already.

P.S I'm not bitching to Sony, but i like physical copies, and I own some of those games. I own too many games as it is.

Echo3073722d ago

What I find funny about their response is they appear to actually think they have a user base of 77 million people on PSN.

And I here I thought just the PS3 fanboys were that naive.

On topic: Despite owning all of them, I like their offering of games. If you haven't played any of them, they're all great. You really can't go wrong.

negroguy3722d ago

Basically what Logic said. I didn't know about the free weekend of movie rentals, I must've missed that one. Sweet.

Troll-without-Bridge3722d ago

Im gonna share this on facebook.

Dramscus3722d ago

@ logic. Thats because most ps3 owners buy mostly multilplats. Not even knowing the difference between them and exclusives or really hearing about sony exclusive games to begin with.

The problem is two fold.
Poor marketing on sony's part. Which has always been a problem.
And boring mainstream people only buying boring mainstream games.
Maybe their kids will have better taste.

Kyur4ThePain3722d ago DO realize that PSN spans more than just the PS3, right?

LocO_o3722d ago

Question: I bought a PS3 last week and I want to know if I am legible for the free games?

Dramscus3722d ago

It's probably dependant on when you made your account but they also said available to all users so at worst you can try and dl the free stuff.

I think it would be hard to descriminate based on when you signed up.

Worst comes to worst I think if you sign up before the psn store comes back online you should be good to go.

Echo3073722d ago


And you realize that just about every person who has a PS3 has multiple profiles, right?

That '77 million' number comes from the number of PSN account they have currently. Just thought it was funny that they're trying to pass that off as the actual number of people who use the PSN, when anyone who has half a brain can realize that it's actually much lower.

metsgaming3722d ago

yea if you already have those games just wait you still get ps+ for a month and you will get free games through that ! In the end i will get a bunch of free games, im happy especially when you consider they didnt have to do this.

ziggurcat3722d ago

i can certainly understand how someone could feel a little bit annoyed over the fact that they owned all of the games that are being offered and therefore pretty much s.o.l. in the free game department.

hopefully there's something offered within the PS+ realm that these people can grab to maybe reduce their annoyance.

NatureOfLogic3722d ago

well, Im happy I didn't buy these games. :) Thanks sony

B-Real2063722d ago

you should edit your comment to include the identity theft protection program that they will be offering as well.

I'm happy with what their offering.

TMAN3722d ago

Well said LOGICWINS. Well said. :)

Saint-Revlot3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

@ECHO. It's all the PS3 account, all the PSP accounts, and you can even make an account on the computer right now even if you don't own the PS3. I think that is 77 million. Also, ever though of people making another account for a brother or sister or any family member. I know there are few that make another account for themselves, there is no denying that. But them the user base could very well be at least 75-76 million.

tack1293722d ago

@LOGIC - Well said.

The people complaining are so ungrateful. To be honest they're giving us free stuff and they feel as if Sony is not doing enough to satisfy their greedy need.

Redempteur3722d ago

this isn't a critic against sony ..but i have all the ps3 games except dead nation .

so i guess i'll take dead nation and mod nation racers psp and killzone liberation.
i'm kinda glad for the HOME item.

i hope it's NOT the pricey item ( and useless )from the first year ..that would suck ..i know it's hard to please everyone but still..there are plenty more TRIAL on the store ( assasin creed 1 for example ) i think more on the TRIAL games would have been better .

i'm not disapointed since i hadn't hope for this programme to begin with

FriedGoat3722d ago

What is wrong with you people, yeah its great if you spend NO MONEY on psn at all. I'm a ps+ subscriber and have all those games. It seems i'm being punished for buying more stuff and it is frustrating. If i hand out all your personal details and give you a copy of the matrix on video and then tell you its got a great score on metacritic i'm sure you wouldnt be happy either. Just fund my wallet and it would be so much simpler.

jadenkorri3722d ago

IM royally pissed, I own each one of those games... WTF... i get shit out of this...

P_Bomb3722d ago

LBP is one of the PS3's best selling titles at over 4 million and it won a bazillion GOTYs. I don't know anyone that hasn't played it. inFamous was a hit too selling 2 mil'. These aren't exactly underperforming games, lol.

TheFreak3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I own all of them would be better to offer store credit. This sucks was afraid of this. People that don't use much money on ps3 games or in the PSN store get a sweet deal though. I only get 60 days of ps+ which is sweet, but still I feel a bit ripped of when other people get games for free. I can't rent any movies because that service is not available in my country.

The loyal costumers are getting little to nothing out of this. Most of the free games have already been offered for free with purchase of ps+ or heavily discounted so this is a joke really.

Anyway yaaaay can finally play online again.

Legion3722d ago


"LBP is one of the PS3's best selling titles at over 4 million and it won a bazillion GOTYs. I don't know anyone that hasn't played it. inFamous was a hit too selling 2 mil'. These aren't exactly underperforming games, lol."

So if 4 million people played it and Sony is referencing 77 million users (though we know the actual user base is lower) then that would be that only 5% of the users played it, half that for inFamous. Next time just try saying that they both sold well... sensationalizing your thoughts with things like "... won a bazillions GOTYs" just makes people laugh your comment off as Fanboyish and false.

unicronic3722d ago

Of course we forget that movie rentals and quirocity don't apply to anyone outside US or EU so that's worthless.

The welcome back program is very tepid with games that are 2+ years old except Dead Nation.

zag3722d ago

People bitch about everything.

It's well known some of the people who downloaded radio heads full album for free from them, also bitched that there wasn't enough songs or not any they liked etc.

Now people are getting 2 full PS3 games for free and you can't be tagged with being a pirate for it but will bitch it's not LA Noir etc.

I'm not overlly fussed about PSN being up or down but I might jump into this would be good to test out the PSN+ stuff I guess.

xAlmostPro3722d ago

well said @logicwins

Not only will you get30days ps+ but that will include the month left out due to the outage, so where as you'd be getting 30 days.. ou'll be getting the content of 2 months during that 30 days..

some people just can't be pleased, i'm glad infamous is there. I haven't played it and was going to buy it before i get infamous 2

MikeGdaGod3722d ago

i have all the games besides Dead Nation but that one's enough for me.....Thanks Sony!!!!!

jadenkorri3722d ago

wow im getting disagrees for affording to buy games...

admiralvic3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I get your point, but I wouldn't call them complainers per-say. I have defended Sony in SEVERAL of these topics and personally believe NO ONE is entitled to ANYTHING past time paid back. Perhaps a bonus to DC Universe/free realms. However now that Sony is offering something; wouldn't you want a bonus too?

I have 2 accounts with plus on it (UK and JP).
I can get free rentals whenever I rent something.
I got all 5
I got all 4
I don't use home

While the offer is good and I admit Sony isnt going to give me anything I don't have. (Won MLB/PS move heroes x2/Infamous 2/Motorstorm for instance) However I still think Sony could have offered a SMALL item to those who happen to support Sony. What am I asking for? Like an Avatar (not asking the world). It would still be nice to see Sony have a program for the percent who has all of the above.

As far as the ratio... Are we really going to believe it?

LBP: Hit GH status, very iconic for Sony now a days and was the first month freebie in Japan + free to anyone who purchased plus in the UK for X period of time. Not only that it was ALSO bundled in a controller pack.

Infamous: Hit GH status, got a sequel, was put on the store and traded/sold cheap. Finally was also in a controller pack.

Super Stardust HD: Is quite old and sold quite well. Finally it was bundled with the PS3 at a point and time.

Wipeout HD: Sold so well it got a retail release with fury. It was given for free (no DLC) in the US and UK. Also the DLC was discounted with plus.

Dead Nation: Stated to be the best PSN title of 2010. That def sells titles...

Again I'm not complaining, but obtaining all of the above was NOT that hard... and I don't think a small bonus for this demographic wouldn't be unreasonable (again not saying it should be a game either.)

NickIni3722d ago

Wow. How the hell can people complain? What can they offer?

Honestly I was expecting PSN games. And definitely not 2. I can now pick up inFamous. IMO this is a great welcome back package, people are just greedy.

alan0013722d ago

so UK will UK get free movie rentals too? :D

wicko3722d ago

It would just be nice if they offered something for those of us that already owned everything they offered. I wouldn't mind additional months of PS+ or in-store credit..

kyl2773722d ago

Home items aren't exactly something to brag about though the rest of the stuff is good.

lol, home items

P_Bomb3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Or you could try not taking "bazillion" literally, lol. You know what I meant. Read a press release from them on anything from sales, awards to how many millions of levels created.

If I was being a fanboy I wouldn't be rolling my eyes that they're giving away their highest rated exclusive ever and one of their best selling games as a "reward" that their target demographic already played and praised 3.5 years ago.

77 million accounts? Now you're sensationalising. I have like 10 on my system. By that 77 mil' logic every game including the 10 mil' selling COD and Halo would be underperforming failures, but they're not. It's not 77 mil' accounts keeping publishers & developers in business. It's not the people that only play COD all year. Don't forget the "measly" millions that buy the LBPs and inFamous' out there because they're also the ones buying the sequels (LBP2 and inFamous 2 this year) and not waiting for freebies.

Kurt Russell3722d ago

I'm going to choose the Dead Nation and Infamous. I haven't played either yet, and I have Wipeout already (THE BEST GAME KNOWN TO MAN EVER!!)

There'll always be some chump to complain about freebies. I can understand you'd be a little disappointed if you owned all the games listed, but I would just take it on the chin and call it bad luck.

Fylus3722d ago

I have to agree. Gamers, above most people, seem to enjoy complaining about anything and everything that doesn't go the way they want it to go.

I'm perfectly content with the Network back up and running and I could settle with that.

The fact that Sony is giving us all these great things is much more than we should even ask for.

You know what I'm gunna be doing this weekend? I'm gunna watch some of those free movie rentals with my girlfriend, then I'm gunna play some GT5 online with my new Ford GT. Okay, not the best car in the game but hey, it took a good amount of time for me to get and I'm still level 14 so I'm excited.

vickers5003722d ago

"The fact that we have the ability to play Infamous 2,Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian, Yakuza 4, Twisted Metal, and Starhawk on a FREE online service would have been enough repayment."

Repayment? You do know we still have to purchase those games, don't you? So they are repaying us by charging us 65 dollars? Hmm, guess I'll never understand fanboy logic.

Anyways, I personally think the welcome back package is great (and was more than I was expecting to get), but it would have been a better move on Sonys part to just give us PSN credit to download what we want. I have all of the games in the welcome back package as well except for the Wipeout expansion and Dead Nation (the two I will be choosing), but some people already have all that as well, so if they offered credit, everyone could make use of it instead of just most people.

Those people who already have all of the games in the list though do have the right to complain, probably more than anyone (if they have all those games, chances are they are pretty good customers of Sony who buy quite a lot of games).

"Sony shut down PSN to protect our info and have already probably spent a large sum of money to better PSN's security(OUR SECURITY) even though they've LOST 3 weeks of potential sales from the PS Store."

Yeah, sorry to break this to you, but they didn't do it for us, they did it for our money. Any company that this happened to would be forced to do the same thing, Sony isn't some special company that cares about you. They are the same as every other greedy ass corporation out there.

bebojet3722d ago

I'm just happy to have online back and a month of PS+ for free.

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callahan093722d ago

If they're not going to offer anything different to those of us who already own all of the stuff on offer, then I guess I'll just get inFamous and LittleBigPlanet so I have them in digital form instead of blu-ray form. Then I can sell the blu-rays. I suppose that's fine, but I'd have preferred something I didn't already have. I do intend to play inFamous again before inFamous 2 comes out, so having the digital copy will get me to definitely do that. LBP, though, I'll never play again. I exhausted it, now I'm entirely onto LBP2. I wish they offered Warhawk or MAG or God of War Collection or something I would definitely play again as the other option (I already own those as well, but blu-ray versions... I figure there is not much I don't own, honestly, so whatever I would either way end up just having to settle for a digital version of games I currently have on disc).

NBT913722d ago

Personally I would have preferred some free movie rentals ^_* though I dont think the video store is up everywhere. And the reason for that is because then there is a lot of choice, instead of having to choose a few games.

But ya know this is the definition of the phrase "beggars cant be choosers" they can be whiners but not choosers.

Legion3722d ago

Even a beggar needs to choose which alley he will be sleeping in at night.

I think that the selection is a good variety and it does blow for those owning the items already. Only thought I could have seen that would be better would be adding a coupon system that would allow them to spend an equal amount of funds on any purchase in the store.

gaden_malak3722d ago

I was initially disheartened because I have all the games but then I decided I would trade in LBP and Infamous for LA Noire and re-download LBP and Infamous

UltimateIdiot9113722d ago

You probably should trade in quick before the mass influx of trade in. But that's probably already happening.

BornCursed3722d ago

I did almost exactly the same.

stu8883722d ago

I feel sorry for Sony. By the sounds of it, they put effort in to see that everyone was catered for as best they could and people are just chucking it back in their faces.

If you own all those games then you have too many games. Also, you could sell them (Blu ray versions) and keep the digital copies.

Ive only had 1 of those titles (LBP), im looking forward to playing Infamous! FOR FREE!!! BRILLIANT!!!

Janitor3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I agree people are being ungrateful but you "feel bad for Sony"?????

You do realize Sony is not a person, it's a multi-billion dollar foreign corporation. No need to feel bad, they will be fine as long as they are making money, which they are, shitloads.

TheFreak3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Says the person who is actually getting something out of this.... LOL do not feel bad for sony their top executives would rape our moms if they could get some money out of it.

stu8883722d ago

^ yeah u lot are right I suppose.

upturned23722d ago

Nah you're right. If you already have all those games, then this Welcome Back program applies to the people who can't afford that many games to buy.

Go buy another game if you already have all those games and be happy you have money to spend on useless video games and not to a charity. Sounds irrational, but quit bitching because you don't have it that bad.


vickers5003722d ago

"but quit bitching because you don't have it that bad."

As opposed to your "LEAVE SONY ALONE" bitching?

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Dee_913722d ago

What type of person complain about getting something for free

Legion3722d ago

It's not for free... it is called compensation... thus it was paid for by whatever greivance required the compensation. So basically was the offered compensation worth the 3 week down time, loss of personal information, and loss in faith in Sony security over all? Each person needs to judge that for themselves.

Dee_913722d ago

its compensation for a free service

its free

TheMutator3722d ago

lol whatever you say looooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!

ct033722d ago

I'm first in line to criticize Sony about anything, but in this case I think they're being quite generous and offering some high quality games.

Complaining about these free games is just pathetic.

frostypants3722d ago

On one hand, the list of games is pretty freaking decent. The weakest is Dead Nation, and even it is pretty good.

BUT...perhaps Sony should have added an option for a $15 PSN gift card or something, for those who didn't like the games listed.

Perkel3722d ago

problem is i have all those games..

so i'm ungratefull because i'm strong PSN supporter ?

Dee_913722d ago

your not ungrateful because your a strong psn supporter your ungrateful because your complaining when they offer more things then just those few free games

if you have those games already just move along
it was free anyway

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Nitrowolf23722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Yeah i can't see how they could cater 77millions account. Although i own most of the games they are offering i'm still happy with the other content they will offer. I just want the PS store to go back up, gotta buy me some new games.
People shouldn't be complaining, Sony could have gone another way and selected the game for us and have it only be one game instead.

much rather have 2 of 5 selection then have them pick some random game.

I know some people aren't happy with this and i can see where they are coming from.

popup3722d ago

Credit is the answer.

elondonred3722d ago

The only reason sony can't give ppl money in their wallets is because they know ppl will abuse it. Some ppl have as many as 5 multiple account others even more. There's no way that'll work

Legion3722d ago

Good point on the multiple accounts thing. If they give some form of purchase credit then that would allow for those that had multiple accounts to come out ahead of those that didn't.

Is there not a way to determine actual user/owner of each account via that personal data they let out of the bag? Seems like that would have been the way to go now...?

upturned23722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Right. It's not like they're trying to screw their customers over. I mean two games? I would've expected one game if I didn't know any better. That's a lot of excess money that they're losing. Millions of people downloading two games each person without paying for it. Plus, it only took a month to rebuild the security system from the ground up? Now that's work.