Dealing With Ad-versity: A Company Built On The Success Of A Fat Plumber

In this article, Gamesradar posts:

"Ten years ago, Nintendo asked us if we were going to save the girl, or play like one. Five years ago, Nintendo proudly announced that the Game Boy SP was "For Men." This year, however, the posterchild for the Nintendo DS is certified girlie Nicole Kidman, who, like most 40 year-olds, has turned to Dr. Kawashima in order to delay the inevitable reality that hits all people once they hit the big four-oh. (A withered, atrophied brain resulting in a complete inability to recognise how many spinning yellow threes there are in a grid - and also incontinence, natch). What happened here, then? Do Nintendo want us to be girls, or not?...

It's no coincidence that Nintendo's wilderness years (let's say 1997-2005) came in tandem with some of their most unfocused ad campaigns of recent years."

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