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LOGICWINS3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Infamous 1? Just as expected :)

In the words of Ric Flair: WOOOOOO!!

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user8586213722d ago

I shall be getting this since I dont own the game and borrowed it from a mate ages ago

NewZealander3722d ago

out of that list the only game i own is infamous, so maybe i should get little big planet and quest for booty? any suggestions?

user8586213722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

quest for booty is really really short it length (1-1 1/2 hours) so unless your a heavy rnc fan dont bother, little big planets a good choice its a solid platformer with millions of levels, dead nation looks really cool (think a top down left for dead)

dc13722d ago

Quest for booty is a 7-9 hour game. Im not sure what 335 is referencing.

AAACE53722d ago

Infamous and Wipeout for me!

...I'll let the kids get LBP.

stevenhiggster3722d ago


As an owner of all of those games, I would have to strongly recommend Wipeout and Dead Nation. Just my opinion but they are both amazing games, far better than a lot of full priced releases!

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stevenhiggster3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Good choices, kinda expected WarHawk though to drum up some more interest for StarHawk.
Personally I've got all of these (except Mod Nation PSP which I will be getting thank you) but I'm not bothered, I'm just glad to have it back and have my PS+ extended by 60 days free!
And to anyone who hasn't got Dead Nation yet, WHY? And now you have no excuse, it is awesome!

rmatott3722d ago

And to anyone who hasn't got Dead Nation yet, WHY? And now you have no excuse, it is awesome!

thats the first thing i said when i saw dead nation was one of the games, like yesss more people to play online with!

popup3722d ago

I wish it was just credit. I have all the offered games :(

TheFreak3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I feel you I have all of them too this sucks. Was afraid this would happen. They should have offered us to buy whatever we wanted to inside a price range. Happy I got 60 days of ps+ though.

Baba19063722d ago

same here. i have all the of games... kinda sucks...

Information Minister3722d ago

What happens if you have a European account, but live in NA and vice-versa? Do you get to download free games on all your accounts?

The simple thought of getting Super Stardust, inFamous, LBP and Dead Nation, all for free... It makes my heart beat way faster than it should!

MintBerryCrunch3722d ago

from what im hearing, you had to have had the acct active since april 20th, 2011 for it to work on other accounts

if you made one right now, it wouldnt work

Pandemic3722d ago

What if you have 2 PSN accounts.. Double the games?

hamburger1233722d ago

Im gettin infamous and dead nation finally

FamilyGuy3722d ago

This is a hard decision :/

The only game I already own is InFamous.
I really want Dead Nation and Super Stardust HD (always loved its look) but it seems silly to chose those two over LBP which has hours of endless game play options as well as being a full retail title compared to the two PSN games.

I wonder what's on offer for the Japanese PSN...

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Prcko3723d ago

Infamous and dead nation is my pick,Sony you rock,and i mean you are the bestttt!!!

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PS3n3603722d ago

those are my two picks also. I am surprised and stoked that we are getting 2 games for waiting out this event. No way in hell MS would have offered up full games. We got one arcade game when live went down over Christmas a while back and we pay for live.

user94220773723d ago

Always wanted to play Dead Nation; nice one, Sony.

DWOM3722d ago

same here! I own Infamous already, so I'll be grabbing Dead Nation and Little Big Planet.

PirateThom3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Dead Nation for me... I have all the other games...

LittleBigPlanet and Killzone Liberation on PSP, I guess...

Edit: Although, the page cannot be found...

Super-Brad3723d ago

Yeah, I'm taking a guess but I reckon there was issues with the content again, the EU team have been saying all day that there is legal issues facing giving the content away in each European country.

The only game I want of that list is Dead Nation, it's the only one I haven't got too.

grailly3722d ago

That's kinda the problem with what they are offering...except for dead nation, there's nothing for PS+ subscribers; littlebipplanet and infamous were given out free with a PS+ yearly subsription(chances were, you already had one of them) wipeout was given out on the first month of PS+ subscription.

I guess I'll settle for dead nation and PSP games, I was hoping for warhawk, I'm a bit dissapointed. at least PS+ subscribers get 60 days more.

mastiffchild3722d ago

Thing is most people whowant Plus and feel they would get something out of it already subscribe so you could say that subscribers are getting the better deal as they're getting 60 days of something they WANT whereas I'm still not that bothered about the 30 days I'm getting(it's a nice gesture, don't get me wrong, I'm just not able to get through all my disc based games so finding time for more downloads is beyond me anyway)as I won't use them i any great way-won't have time to make it worthwhile which s why I don't already have a sub.Betas are the only tempting thing, for me, about Plus and, again, time is too short for me.

Point is Plus subscribers were always likely to have played whatever games they lsited and with 77million accounts just what did we think was going to happen? Your 40 days or so(or close to)you're getting fre for something you would otherwise have paid for is a better deal than me getting something I could afford but just don't want. It's the same thing as people not liking the games on pffer because they've played them already in my mind because I just don't care about Plus. If I did I'd sub and this would be a great deal for myt I think.

Either way Sony are offering something for othing and it's churlish to say otherwise and I've been amazed at the vitriol on the blog comments. Some people are so perfect in their own worlds that they are hapy to say they DESERVE better from a service they don't even pay for? It's a goodwill gesture, there were always going to be people who'd bought the damn games(I own ALL the PSP games for example but I won't cry about it-might download them and sell my hard copies but I'll get sod all-maybe most for MNR and LBP?)but, seriously, woldn't that be the same whatever games they picked? The only way round it would be to settle on an amount in each country that bus a particular average game and deposit that amount in local currency in PSN accounts, no? But even then it's not going to please everyone ands would be difficult to arrange.

Can't we just accet they're trying to say thankyou for our patience and leave it at that? I'd have been ecstatic with PSP games I didn't own but I happen to be unlucky this time. So be it. didn't care about Plus either? Not going to moan. It's a gesture and a nice one, a bigger one than they needed to make and people knocking them has knocked my faith in the nature of gamers. I thought we had better manners. This could have happened a thousand times(hacks) and the company woud keep it quiet so I think we're lucky to be getting anything-even information about the hhack. I seriously doubt we get to know about a fanction of what goes on day to day in the world opf our info being hacked and nicked from "trusted" companies. At least Sony ave cleared it all up for us and offered an olive branch-they didn;'t need to ye so many of us are complaining it isn't enough or the right one. FFS. Grow some class. This isn't about being a fanby but understanding what happened here-they already lost billions and we lost, erm, nothing.

mastiffchild3722d ago

Sorry for the aimless ranting but going to the blog wound me up-not aimedat anyone here at all-just a few idiots there moaning about it being too little and too late and that Sony didn;t appreciate their loyalty. Sony can't please everyone and not to understand that or accept when you might be ess fortunate than the next guy is to be blind to the important point here:they didn't HAVE to do anything for regular PSN users and for Plus users they only really had to make up their days. They offer more than they had to. End of story. Why moan about it? If you're lucky and well off enough and have enough time to have bought and playued all the games already then I think yor life has already got a bit of good fortune, don't you?

Sony just lost, and is still,losing, billions. some of us cry because Sony hasn't chosen the right sodding games? Really?

extermin8or3723d ago

the blog posts been deleted

Nitrowolf23723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

yeah that sucks

PirateThom3723d ago

Nick had said it was delayed due to some issues of finalisation... maybe someone just jumped the gun with this...