Rumor: PS3 Downgraded Again?

The reports that the PS3 GPU has been downgraded:

"The RSX, previously scheduled to run at 550/700 core/memory has been realigned with expectations and the value chain at 500/650."

However the site do not mention a source, so for now this is just another rumor.

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Microsoft Master5872d ago

If this is true, then the PS3 GPU now runs at 500mhz just like the 360's! What a joke? I have to finish with the Mart's standard line
'Sony are always overpromising and underdelivering'.

subcell5871d ago

Tokyo Game Show 2006 will reveal the truth on all this Bullshit...

It's coming guys....

TheMART5872d ago

Just the way it is, let write it down in the line of lies now:


Emotion Engine? Yeah to make you cry
10 x better graphics then the XBOX or Gamecube?
Great free online experience?

PS3 (same lies again, but then even more)

2 x HDMI?
3 x Gigabit Ethernet ports?
CGI footage = ingame footage?
RSX 550/700 mhz?
Free online service?

Anyone can add if he likes, but the list can go on and on

HyperBear5872d ago

HDMI - At least PS3 has it. You dont see it on Xbox 360
Gigabit EP - at least the thought of 3 was interesting, unlike the normal 1
CGI/Ingame - Most all of the PS3 games now, that are scheduled for launch release dont need CGI anyways and it is all in-game footage. and if you bring up Killzone, I dont care, Game sucks ass anyways.
RSX - Who gives a sh!t about what hardware and wat speed it tarvels at is. could be 700, could be 550, 500 even 450 and itll still do wat is shown through the demos. Whoopie
Free Online - Yes, PS3 does have free online support for the basics, but for multi-player is still unknown, but i dont care, as long as its the same as XBL, who cares.

Oh yea, PS3 will last longer and is not a total rush-up of a job like Xbox 360 is. They rushed way too much into the 360 launch and look where it got them. People with overheating issues, like em, ppl with malfunctioning hardware, etc. PS3 will at least give you a years worth of gaming before dying out on you, unlike 360, you get 9 months out of it, and then time to buy another one or get it fixed for the small fee of 130 bucks. WOW, wat a deal

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wakkiwakko5872d ago

Haha. Sony has yet begun production on PS3. Sony is facing problems left and right like you wouldn't believe. BluRay isn't doing well either. If they're going to rush anything it won't be their court appearances, but something where they can easily blame a faulty wire (which is very common).

PS2 was meant to last forever. Remember that? You got it thinking it's the last console you'll ever need. Then bang! Half a decade later you got adverts for a new PS. You think we're not going to see PS4? Until Sony starts making profit, give it 4 years, they'll start drawing plans for the next in line playstation.

PS3, like x360, and the wii have one thing in common; they're temporary consoles. They will NOT last forever! They're not the end of the world. And some of them, *cough* ps3 *cough*, have features, 97% of gamers who bought it, will never use!

What's the point of two HDMI ports when your TV can't handle 1?

What's the point of a gigabit port when the max you can afford is a 100mbit?

I understand there are gamers who do own a HDTV and all that junk and they're willing to fork over 1.4k on the system and games on its lunch. But those who don't (own a HDTV) will end up like those who bought dead rising for 360. And there are a lot of them.

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OutLaw5872d ago

Sorry that your xbox360 got the ring of death. But that doesn't mean it happens to everybody who bought the system. But I do understand your frustration about Ms since it did happen to you.

EnforcerOfTheTruth5872d ago

Regarding the PS2:

LOL when did Sony ever say PS2 has 10 x better graphics then the XBOX or Gamecube? Just to let you know PS2 was released first and they could hardly make such a statement.

That the online service wan't great isn't Sony's fault but the devs fault. Sony delivered in what they were saying and it was a free online service. I don't see any lie here.

Regarding the PS3:

Downgrade of the number of HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet ports, ohhhh now that's really, really bad. This is such a bad, performance downgrade, now the PS3 is just $hit without 2 x HDMI and 3 x Gigabit Ethernet ports (I hope, you are brainy enough to see the sarcasm ;-).
About the CGI footage, well Sony admitted themselves it wasn't ingame, that's just what they are aiming for.
Lastly your RSX and free online assumptions, don't you know this are just rumours? Probably not, your lil Xbugbrain just doesn't accept that this ain't facts but rumours.

Just the way it is, let write it down in the line of lies now for your holly MS:


"There's a revolution that's about to take place in game consoles," - Ahem, what revolution, maybe that they will only support Xflop for only 3-4years? And please take into account that they are the richest company, but they still don't support their fans like

"We don't want to disappoint gamers," - well my friend, an Xbox owner, is pretty dissapointed that they don't support Xflop

"One of the basic premises of the Xbox is to put the power in the hands of the artist," Blackley said, which is why Xbox developers "are achieving a level of visual detail you really get in 'Toy Story.'" - Now that's some funnyass $hit. I really wonder why all these Xbugs were claiming Sony said that. Xbugs do you always twist facts so bad?


HD-DVD included from the start -

5 x bigger bandwidth than the PS3 - think they can only sell this $hit only lil Xbugs, who of course have zero understanding of technology.

"The single PPE in the Cell has half of the cache size of Xenon" - a funny lie, unlike Cell Xenon's cache is divided by it's 3 cores.

"you'll never see a PS3 title with more than 256MB of textures at any given time, due to the split graphics and system memory banks" - funny lie, he fails to mention that RSX can acces both 256MB Rams at the same time.

So here we go with lies ;-)

Thugbot1875871d ago

You would have to be silly to think the PS3 or 360 is going to be around for 10 years. Look the hardware in both are already outdated. Blu-Ray will have to compete with the bio engineered DVD’s that will come out in the next 18-24 months that can yield 50 times the capacity of a BLU-RAY disk and I’m guess at around the same cost if not slightly cheaper or more.
Gigabit – I will tell you few reasons why this technology is worthless for most people right now.
1. Hi-speed internet is only going at speeds of 1.5 to 8Mbps
2. Very little if any home routers support Gigabit most operate at 100Mbps
3. A lot of people use wireless which operates at 54Mps max depending on how strong the signal strength is and you have to worry about latency.
In short you’re only as fast as your slowest device at any given point so this isn’t needed it’s just over kill and you’re paying for something you’re not using.
HDMI 1080p - As I’ve said many times here most of us don’t own 1080p, it just came out and is well above what most people want to pay. Next computer monitors have greater resolution and have had for years now. You can pick one of those up and use it on your 360. But never the less the high, high resolution is over kill not less you are projecting on a really huge display maybe a projector. Something we are buying into again and don’t need.

Cell Processor – not really a good processor for most practical applications, that’s why its not used in normal PC’s. However Sony declared it was the most powerful processor ever and better than any other processor on the market. If that was the case why isn’t IBM releasing them to compete with Intel and AMD? Remember one thing Sony said the PS3 was a BLU-Ray platform first and game console second. That says a whole lot right there.

Sony is lying about a whole lot of things it’s hardware is capable of and what you need for the next gaming system. It’s just all hype and people are buying into it. Take a look at other things Sony has its money into PC’s, Movies, Stereo systems, ect… You noticed Sony has started to loose drastically in those areas, it says a lot about them. I’m not anti Sony I’m just for great hardware. If Sony can show they have a library of killer titles I will get the system but right now only 3 of the 100 they list spark my attention. Between my 4k PC, 360, and Nintendo Wii (I will be getting.) Sony has to come out with more titles I would like to play or show a significant advantage over 360 releasing the same games, and I’m not talking about a vain in the neck of a tennis player (had it been a vampire game you might have had me sold.)

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