Leaked Nintendo Design Presentation Showcases Project Cafe

There have been many rumors and images floating around the web that seem to reveal the design and specs of Nintendo's next console. A leaked video from Nintendo's retailer meetings confirms that previous leaked images of the console are legitimate.

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SweatyFlorida3480d ago

eh looks pretty dumb if that's the design (though the wii was a stupid design as well) Too simple for a "next Gen" console imo. They should have the words "Nintendo" on the side and when you turn the system on they light up red at least.

iamnsuperman3480d ago

its probably fake. It looks like something made in google sketch up

Vojkan3480d ago

More fake then Michel Jackson's nose was.

Louis_Guzman3480d ago

LOLz looks liek a tumstone brah, Nintendo Iz d00m'd lol! /s

kudakadere3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

it lacks component slots for example usb's and even a place for a hard-drive if it doesn't use memory cards , so i doubt that will be the it . Maybe the shape on a side view , but still it's highly unlikely .

Kakkoii3480d ago

Not that I'm suggesting this is real, this looks like utter crap and most certainly fake, but I could see it not having an attachment for a hard drive or sd card, but going full on with the whole streaming idea, allowing that data to be streamed over wifi from a computer in the house, or perhaps a USB wireless-N dongle for your computer since not everyone has a wireless N capable router. It has enough bandwidth to make it a feasible option.

silkrevolver3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )


MintBerryCrunch3480d ago

didnt even use the signature font for "Nintendo" in the video

looks the presentation is weird...the camera bounces all over the place

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The story is too old to be commented.