GamePro: 5 Best Lesser-Known Games of E for All

Rock Band, Metal Gear Solid 4, Galaxy and Brawl definitely stole the show at E for All, but there were plenty of other great games to play at the show.

While everyone was busy gorging themselves with as much Super Smash Bros. Braw play time as they could squeeze into the four days of E for All (which was renamed by some gamers at the event to "Brawl for All" due to the tremendous amount of excitement surrounding the first public unveiling of Nintendo's new fighter), there were some other cool games at the expo that are definitely worth mentioning.

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Jack Bauer4109d ago

besides rockband and MGS4...was nintendo the only other one at the show...all i have been seeing is nintendo stuff...

M_Prime4109d ago


i hope they do with BRAWL what they did with METROID.. give us PREVIEWS on our WIIS

MK_Red4108d ago

WTF!? Contra 4 is lesser known!? Either GamePro is really stupid or they thought gamers are really stupid.

Rayman RR FTW!