Microsoft Game Studios' Foundation Resting on Quicksand?

The Xbox 360 and Microsoft Game Studios (MGS) have produced a number of hits, but with Bungie independent and BioWare and Bizarre now owned by leading publishers EA and Activision (respectively) MGS is not in the great position it once was. But does it matter? GameDaily Biz discusses the issue with several leading analysts.

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power of Green 4013d ago

You Sony fans may wan't to read this before you blindly aprove it.

marinelife94013d ago

I didn't get past Gears 3 on PS3.

AngryTypingGuy4013d ago

Yeah, if you read the article, it's actually pro-360. Yes, they talk about possible obstacles that Microsoft may have, but in the end they focus on how developers are likely to find developing for the 360 a much more attractive option then the PS3.

I don't think 360 fans will have anything to worry about. Microsoft has the funds to purchase several great exclusives a year. And I am sure that Rare isn't the last game developer it will purchase.

tchat10014013d ago

a bunch of opinions and wishful thinking. also the part about following the halo storyline(if it was ever available on the ps3) could apply for the metal gear series and the final fantasy series also? (if either of them were to ever grace the 360? right. all i gathered from that was a bunch of what if's from people looking forward to a 360 holiday season.

kn4013d ago

worthless drivel. Maybe one day N4G will live up to its NAME -- i.e. NEWS for gamers...

Wii60PS3DSPSP4013d ago

I like how people dissagreed with you. lol

games4fun4013d ago

agreed with you, if it is a slow news day just dont post a bunch of crap

Close_Second4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

...Sony, MS and Nintendo developing a unified game console platform and then they buy game exclusives to release on that platform. That is, a Halo game would see most of the profits head MS way but a game like COD would see a small amount go MS, SONY and Nintendo's way with the rest going to Infinity ward?

Just a thought anyway. Would certainly put an end to the endless console flame wars. Be easier to release multiple spec'd SKUs for different consumer markets however, the minimum spec SKU would support all games released.

jcgamer4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Microsoft wanted killer exclusive content for 360, and they got it...and they are getting it...Ninja Gaiden 2 is Microsoft published first-party next year... Their thinking is, "Do we fumble the ball trying to internally make genres that are barren or unproven on our newbie platform, or do we seek and find the best of the best in order to create excitement for those genres?..." They went with the latter. You can't expect every company in the big 3's strategy to be the makes no sense. What works for Sony doesn't work for Nintendo and vice versa...Sony has been building for coming up on thirteen years, Nintendo for almost twice as long in the video game home console business...Xbox as a brand has its 6th birthday this November...they will lock down more exclusives in the future, no doubt about it...another day, another developer, another game...another dollar....I personally love how they are taking a realistic approach to this you remember the first-party sports games Microsoft tried to make during the Xbox 1...yeah, me neither...they did have mid-game saves imagine if they DIDN'T lock down GTAIV seeing as it got moved to early next year? wow....

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The story is too old to be commented.