Rumour: Call Of Duty 4 Single Player Is "5-6 hours"

In Neogaf, the latest OXM details are in aswell as scores but the most controversial highlight of the news is that the highly anticipated Call of Duty 4 will have a campaign mode of only "5-6 hours" long.

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Meus Renaissance4015d ago

Disappointing to say the least. Although the Multiplayer sounds amazing, I have always come to relate Call of Duty with a fantastic single player experience that really immerses the gamer. 5-6hours will do nothing to convince people to part with their cash considering that it'll be an expensive November anyway.

ATLRoAcH4015d ago

Remember its just a Rumor for the time being.

blacsheep4015d ago

you know i usually have alot to say but on this one im speechless and totally agree with you,was lookin forward to this game but 5-6 hours? if true i will not buy,espcially the prices of games these days i need my replay value i dont mind saying ill try get a £120 worth of gaming out of a £40 game!!!

sonarus4015d ago

played the online beta so the online dosent really do it for me. 5-6hrs this will probably get skipped by me completely. I knew this game looked to good to be perfect:( oh well another 1 bites the dust

Kleptic4015d ago

totally agree with you guys...this is exactly why I never bought HS (although that game also had no online gameplay)...

the online looks great...but almost everyone I talked to in the beta said its good and fun, but not as impressive as they were hoping...

its going to take a hell of a game to get PS3 owners away from Warhawk...and 360 owners away from Halo 3...I am so used to vehicles right now that a lack of them simply doesn't seem worth it...Haze and UT3 appears to have some pretty crazy vehicle stuff included in the multiplayer...but honestly what I have seen of CoD 4's multiplayer it appears...dare I say it...boring...

we will see I guess...I hope its not true...but this game may end up being an extremely beautiful mess...

Maddens Raiders4014d ago

I'm not sure of your accuracy of statement there on HS. Not buying it yeah, maybe I could see that and then renting it you mean, or just not playing it at all? Because it's a whale of a great game (and ending) and even being the avid gamer that I am (I must say), the average user will not get through it in 6-8 hours. No way.

sonarus4014d ago

i am a ps3 fan but i have to say hsword wasnt as good as i had hoped. Not only was the game short but the gameplay started getting very repetitive the story wasnt the most captivating but the acting was pretty good. However am not lookin for great acting am lookin 4 great story great game. The game played well and jst when it was gettin annoyin and repetitive they tossed the kai scenes or the 6 axis shoot canon/arrows scenes. This helped keep the game fresh for a while. If they had made the game anylonger based on this formula it would have tanked big time

Kleptic4014d ago


no man I forgot to mention that...the length is why I only rented it...being that its about 10 bucks around here to rent a "next gen" game...I usually will only rent a game I know I won't buy, at least right away...

once I heard of HS' length, I knew I would probably only want to rent it...I beat it twice in those 5 days, which is something that simply shouldn't happen...while I absolutely loved the game, and has some of the most impressive story-telling of any game ever is simply unforgivable for a game to be that short at a video game's price right now...

HS is definitely one of the overall best games of the year, and shouldn't be missed by any PS3 owner...I wouldn't say its a game that every PS3 owner should go out an buy...the achievements and unlockables are great...but Warhawk has given me 60+ hours of fun (estimating, the stats didn't work for almost a month for me) without question...and I got a headset included with the game...I am positive HS wouldn't give me half of that...

EXPLICIT214014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

just so the 360 doesn't look like the garbage it is.

cartman3134014d ago

Yep, HS was short, but was a work of art. So I bought it.

eLiNeS4014d ago

You bubble less piece of...

EXPLICIT214014d ago

we can't be friends? Your making me cry.

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Bigmac5734015d ago

Good thing the multiplayer will be great. Oh wait, halo 3 has a rightful place in my 360 disc tray atm. Sorry CoD, you'll never see the inside of my Xbox =(

socomnick4014d ago

If this is true I will cancel my preorder and move the 20 dollar down payment into mass effect. 6 hours is a big rip off just like heavenly sword 10 dollars an hour thats ludicrous.

Daishi4014d ago

6 hours is fine for me if that is how long it takes a hardcore gamer to beat it. The last FPS that took me more than 10hrs to beat was Bioshock at 17hrs. If it's too short or the multiplayer isn't that good I'll just sell it and get half of my investment back so it's not a big deal to me, but then again I'm the type of person who just has to have all the Big titles right now.... Sucks cause it's so expensive. But anyway, how long did it take everyone to beat CoD2?

Lightning Mr Bubbles4015d ago

It was the same thing with Heavenly Sword, and now I have to admit that that was a real problem with that game. It was over before you could really sink your teeth into it. An Epic can't be that short.

Developers need to stop doing this, people pay $60 for games now. What the hell makes them think they can get away with 5 hours long? A game should be atleast 15 hours long.

ArduousAndy4015d ago

Since heavenly sword had no replay value once you beat the game thats it.

Call of Duty 4 has Achievements to go back and get. Has a mulitplayer mode that will keep you playing well after the 5-6 hr run. This news equates more to Halo 3.

projectile4015d ago

Its 5-6 hours on normal difficulty. Why do reviewers that are probably pretty good at fps play at this easy difficulty?
skill 1 is for total newcomers, skill 2 for people who have played a fps before, 3 for experienced fps players and 4 for the real hardcore people that want a serious challange.

Makroyale4015d ago

Yes you can compare with Heavenly Sword. If you're not a fan of multiplayer/online gaming, why even buy the game at this point? So it depends on the buyer.

Halo 3 is the same, 6 hours worth of single player campaign.

Myth4015d ago

Heavenly Sword is actually the first game I've ever replayed because it isn't really long. After all the games I've played it's hard to replay a game that I have already played from beginning to end thats really long. With HS I can replay this great game to the end and enjoy it over and over. Kinda like watching your favorite movie over watching all 3 lord of the rings extended movie editions (don't have the time).

barom4015d ago

yoyo the replay value of Call Of Duty is the online multiplayer

Forget the single player. Who still plays Halo 3 after beating it once? Call Of Duty 4 got a hell of a online multiplayer. Expect it to be great.

and that's why you can't compare with heavenly sword.

MikeGdaGod4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

i really liked the game and there are many parts that are so much fun, i love to replay sections at a time.

i'm replay the game from the beginning now on Hell mode for fun and to show what the ps3 is really capable of. fighting 1000s of enemies at one time is CRAZY!!!

also i can't see anyone getting through HS in 6 hours. it's not that easy. you definately can't just mash buttons and run through enemies so i don't know how anyone could get through it that quickly.

If CoD is 6 hours thats not too bad to me. i really don't have time or the attention span to play 30 hours worth game time. i had Oblivion and hated it because i knew i'd never finish the whole thing.

ip-student4014d ago

I would disagree with your assessment of Halo 3 but maybe you are a much better player than I - I found Heroic to relatively challenging and was no where close to beating Halo 3 in 6 hours - I suspect it is going to be more like 15-20 hours. But then I don't get to play much and kinda suck I guess.

Still - back on topic - I am mostly interested in single player games so a short single-player campaign is a non-starter.

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xaphanze4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

I wont get it then. We still dont have good internet connections in Lebanon. I was going to get it because of the single player. If this is true, im out.

predator4015d ago

that cant be right, cod2 and 3 were at least 10 hours