Wii costs $1,100 in Brazil

$1,100 for a Wii. Would you pay that much for a console? Find out why it costs so much for the Wii in Brazil.

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xaphanze4017d ago

I used to live in Brasil when I was a little kid. I visit it every Summer. The ps3 costs around 3000-3500 reals which is equivelant to about 1500$. Yes, electronics are really expensive over there.

ItsDubC4017d ago

Just waiting to see who's gonna be the first to post some denigrating played-out comment about the Wii being a ripoff.

Poisen4017d ago

The Wii is a bloody RIP-OFF, you can buy a Ps3 and a 360... with some games for that price!... LOL j/ks.
Thats $100 more than what you pay here and I thought we paid the most for electronics.

I hate how some people from America and Japan complain about how much they are charged for electronics. They should try live where I live! $1,400 for a Ps3, can't get a Wii, can't get a 360. I ended up paying $600 for my 360 with 2 games.

ItsDubC4017d ago


Ya I'm American and I know we get consoles pretty cheap compared to many places around the world, but where do u live? Sometimes I feel like the exhorbitant cost of console gaming in certain parts of the world is keeping PC gaming afloat.

Poisen4017d ago

I live in basically darkness from a gaming standpoint. We only get games which are over 6 months old here. That is why I rely on going to South Africa at various intervals during the year to increase my supply of gaming material.

Snukadaman4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

And we Americans complain about 60 dollar games....I would still be playing my modded xbox if that was the both have my sympathy fellas.

unreal must be one of those dots in africa when im playing halo

DeckUKold4017d ago

WTH i never new that that's HARSH!!!!!!! really feel bad 4 ya

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lynx1halo4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

So if the Wii costs $1,100 in Brazil...then how much would it be to buy a Gamecube over there as theyre basically the same product....
Wii = Gamecube2

Almighty4017d ago

And still the best selling console there. WOW

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The story is too old to be commented.