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Obelisk924334d ago

Good score.

Too bad IGN sucks. Hard.

meetajhu4334d ago

U have to send goodies to us IGN when developing a game so we can give good score. Happy gaming!

DarkCharizard_4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

All the fanboys will hate it when Uncharted 3 gets a 8.5 or 9 out of 10 and not a perfect score :P

Or when Gears of War & Zelda get 9.5 ;D

cyborg69714334d ago

Low scoring for hits. Sounds like a no name site move to me.

MintBerryCrunch4334d ago

define "low scoring"?

i know its IGN, but if this came from other 8.5 should be a good score, a great score at that

anything above 9 means its superb and gameplay is not affected by any minor glithches/problems

ksense4334d ago

"The Xbox 360 version has a few performance issues. While both versions have occasional framerate issues, L.A. Noire on X360 has more notable problems. It's not enough to take away from the game, but if choosing between the two, PS3 has fewer technical issues. "

GuruStarr784334d ago

I agree. I don't trust IGN review scores AT ALL. I've been ripped by them tooo many times by buying games they gave a high score to and the game eneded up blowing big time.... I think LA Noire is a safe bet though.

hiredhelp4334d ago

its .5 off of a 9 score to be honist many others rated this game 5 out of 5.

the best reviewers are US the gameplayers if you like what you see and hear try it or buy it.

Dee_914334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

it wouldve been 9.5 if the the performance issues were vice versa

ABizzel14334d ago

It may just be me, but I'm glad IGN is handing out lower scores than it use to. They didn't throw 10's around like crazy, but not every game is a 9/10, and to be honest about 80% - 90% of of the games I've played this gen have been 8 - 8.9 games.

For some reason people seem to think if a game doesn't get a 9 then there's something wrong with it, and in most cases there is something wrong with which is why the game didn't get the 9+. Many of my favorite games this gen are in that 8 range such as Warhawk and Left 4 Dead. Great games, but are they 9/10's? No. Heavy Rain was definitely a game that I considered to be one of the best games from a story perspective, because of how far outside the norm it was, but was it a 9/10. For many people it was, but for me no.

A game like Uncharted 2, MGS4, and a few others are true examples of games that deserve their 9/10 IMO.

IGN's complaints are The story not being strong enough for a story driven game, framerate issues and graphical glitches that seem to exist in every Rockstar game, and it's Repetitive and Predictable. If true those complaints seem justifiable for an 8.5. But they end by saying it's an enjoyable and refreshing game, that delivers a slower pace than some gamers are use to.

A review score is only one persons opinion, so instead of criticizing theirs come up with your own.

kyl2774334d ago


I agree, if it isn't 9 or higher people get angry, real angry. Many of my favourite games every have been 7-8s like XIII for the PS2.

People need to calm down.

Lifendz4334d ago

Scared to read any reviews because of spoilers. An 8.5 is surprising. Not because it's a low score (far from it) but because R* has been on a roll as of late and this looked like it was going to continue that trend.

Still got my copy coming tomorrow. Hope none of you change your mind about this one because it didn't get "AAA"

Armyntt4334d ago

Abizzel, I agree that the review scores are inflated. Thing is that when games arent atleast an 8 noone is going to buy it. Most people dont have money trees. Now this isnt saying someone cant have a good time with a 7 just that people cant make those day 1 buys. When there is other choices out there.

ChickeyCantor4334d ago

"Low scoring for hits. Sounds like a no name site move to me."

8.5 is low?


OhMyGandhi4333d ago

wow. it's a review people. calm down.

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NukaCola4334d ago

Well I don't know where to go with this. So far it's mostly 9s and 10s. Eurogamer gave it an 8/10. They seem to nitpick this one. Game still looks very awesome and it's coming in the mail as I type.

kingdavid4334d ago

Some of my favourite games only got "good" reviews but I loved them because they suited me. What might irk a certain reviewer might have no issues with me. This game looks like it suits me - slow paced and very story heavy..

YodaCracker4334d ago

Eurogamer also gave Red Dead Redemption an 8/10. RDR currently sits at a 95 on Metacritic. This IGN review is quite disappointing though.

stevenhiggster4334d ago

Most of my favorite games this gen have received what most sheeple nowadays would consider a low score. Review scoring these days is totally broken.

Soldierone4334d ago

The game deserves a 9 at the very least. Been playing it all day and its fantastic. It can get repetitive at times, but then an action sequence or something pops up and you get excited again. Played it for 2 hours longer than I had planned because I was so interested.

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Zir04334d ago

Seems like a solid game mostly 8-10s

Seijoru4334d ago Show
DigitalRaptor4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

That's because this isn't a PS3 exclusive.

And apparently it's cool to hate on Killzone!

fluffydelusions4334d ago

IGN and Eurogamer have the lowest scores I've seen for this game so far.

Obelisk924334d ago

It's about a year, I think, since IGN started giving 8.5 to random games.

I mean, they gave it even to Rock Band 3, which is the best game in the genre, according to... pretty much everyone else.

I used to love IGN once upon a time, now I think they've gone crazy or something. Ignore them.

(Still, 8.5 is a solid score, don't misunderstand me, I just think they gave 9s to games that didn't deserve them)

frostypants4334d ago

Because they like by-the-numbers games. They fear anything original.

Dee_914334d ago

I still like IGN its a good gaming site
but the reviews how ever I dont care .. well thats for pretty much all reviews
I would rather ask some one that has similar taste as me

Soldierone4334d ago

IGN pretty much sticks their hand in a hat and pulls out a card, whatever number is on that card is given to the game.

Unless of course you give them free stuff or put Call of Duty on the front of the box....

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callahan094334d ago

Why does every single IGN review have like many times more comments than any other review for every game? Why does everybody care so much about IGN reviews?

YogiBear4334d ago

Because it's something to complain about.

Ducky4334d ago

... because hate unites us all.

DigitalRaptor4334d ago

It's because for such an established and so-called "professional" gaming site, IGN is full of such noobs!

damnyouretall4334d ago

because i remember at one point in time ign was creditable and i agreed with them most of the time. some reviewers have moved on though. but for some reason i still read their shit, though its never a good read.

Michael-Jackson4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Because it's the number one gaming site on the world wide web (web traffic) It's true,

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2fk4334d ago

8.5....that's their favorite score to give
fallout new vegas 8.5
Black ops 8.5
Rock band 3 8.5
Killzone 3 8.5
fable 3 8.5
Vanquish 8.5
Dragon Age 2 8.5
Gran Turismo 5 8.5
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds 8.5
and LA Noire 8.5.....
seems like most hyped games get 8.5

sickbird4334d ago

Its a safe score. But its the lowest i've seen for this game. If it was a 360 exclusive they would of given it a 10.

Dee_914334d ago

I would agree with the 8.5 if they didnt give Black ops the same score
if black ops a 8.5 the other games should atleast be a solid 9

solar4334d ago

it's better than the norm of sites giving 5/5 or 10/10 nowadays. looking at you GamePro.

sony fanboys hate on IGN so much yet love the perfect scores from other sites. it's an arbitrary number. and 1 person's opinion.

nopunctuation4334d ago

black ops=8.5gran turismo 5=8.5fable 3=8.5fallout new vegas=8.5dragon age 2=8.5marvel vs capom=8.5killone 3=8.5

IGN your review are repetitive. Go back to the 100 point scale so your reviews dont seem the same. Why score the game down if you cant find a good reason. Noire looks incredible.

lpfisher4334d ago

Then they'd just give everything 85%...oops, loophole :P

On a serious note, yeah, it's dumb.

Shane Kim4334d ago ShowReplies(1)
showtimefolks4334d ago

ign they over hype all their previews just look at their madden previews. I mean if you read their previews it seems like 9.5/10 or 10/10 but than when the scores come out its lows scores.

I believe other sites do a better job at it.

if anyone was buying this game no score will change your mind unless its a 4/10 04 5/10

8.5 this gen for some reason means its a bad game.



Mikeyy4334d ago


Well put, If people would acually read the review, you would see that the score is spot on.

I plan on eventually getting the game, but as IGN said, the gameplay does become repetitive. And you have no control over the grand scheme of things. If you falsely accuse somebody, the end will be the same nomatter how you intterogate them.

The reviewer did mention Heavy Rain, so it's obvious that the reviewer would have liked more control of the story, which I agree with. Every drama game will have to compete with Heavy Rain.

an 8.5 is a good score.

Pesico4334d ago

Agree with everything you just said I also read the review and it seems a fair score. Still stoked about the game though. The "no control over the grand scheme of things" is the worst parts and is what disappoints me, but I'm sure this is a great game despite that. 8.5 is a great score. If every game got 9 and over, how on earth should we know what to play eh?

--Onilink--4334d ago

Well, i guess i couldnt expect much from the comments on this site. Some people just seem to hate IGN like "its the cool thing to do". Before they hated because they gave high score, now they hate because they are "low", probably half or more of the people complaining about the review havent even read it or know that IGN work on a 20 point scale. That means it increases only on a 0.5 scale. So they think its not a 9.0 game but better than 8.0 = 8.5. Not that hard to understand

--Onilink--4334d ago

And the real problem of everything is the absurd reliance (or obsesion would fit better) with the numerical score. Who cares if they give an 8.5 to the last 20 games they reviewed, its very likely to happen unless they switch back to a 100 point scale. But people shouldnt bother with a score and just read or watch the review and see if what they like or dislike matches your opinion

drdistracto7074334d ago

I really hate the caption under the "Pencil reveals indented message on paper" picture... I mean, I LOVE the Big Lebowski... but it was a reference to Hitchcock I'm sure

saladthieves4334d ago

Can't wait to pick this up. Trading it in for Halo Reach and Modern Warfare 2.

pain777pas4334d ago

Sadly DMarc hits the nail on the head. Everyother major site gave this game at least a 9 out of 10. The game seems unique and a must play for older gamers. I cannot wait to play this game. It might be just what the doctor ordered.

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Obelisk924334d ago

Well no, it isn't in general. But in the world of gaming, scores are usually higher than in other critics such as cinema and music, so an 8.5 can be translated into a 6.5-7.

Which is not low, anyway, but average. And I think this game is awesome, not average.

Convas4334d ago

Either this comment is dripping with sarcasm, or it's dripping with pure, unbridled stupidity.

TheStonedSheep4334d ago

Seriously? 8.5 is high, 2-3 is very low.

Der_Kommandant4334d ago

I forgot this is a serious site

XRider4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

How is 8.5 low?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 -->(((8)))<-- 9 10

mastiffchild4334d ago

If they'd given the game .5 higher would that have made such a massive difference? they're still saying it's a VERY good game if youread the words and,to be fair to whoever wrote the review, it does seem thorough(as did the 8/10 at EG)and like the reviewer gave the game every chance, he wanted to love it but came away thinking it fell just short of great but was veryy ambitious. I feel a lot of the 5/5 and 10/10 review scores are gong with the flow and many didn;'t seem anything like as detailed as this one-and for a change I've been looking more closely at reviews for this game because I'm on the fence about it. I don't doubt it's very high quality but even the 10/10 reviews raise points that concern ME personally about both the setting(time period)and the balance of game play(investigation over action)and as a result I've been looking closely at all the reviews.

I just reckon this guy found the things that others were willing to let go because of the game's ambition a little too much to give a free ride to-that's all and how many of the other 9/10s were close to going just below? Must have been a close call for a lot of them surely, as reviewers might, to an extent, follow "fashion" but not that much. When people are ragging on sites for giving 8.5/10 to what's,if we're honest, a pretty experimental game that you wouldn't expect everyone to automatically get let alone love across the board then it's time to check our collective heads,imho.

I'm saying,largely, that I don't see gamers themselves being quite as unanimously glowing about LAN as the critics have been-I think there will be a few who see the quality and admire the ambition but who the game just doesn't connect with.I think the percentage of gamers saying this will be higher than the reviewers too. I'm hoping everyone loves it but nothing I've read yet allays my personal fears based on my tastes. It's a very ambitious and brave game-things I usually crave in my games but somehow the 40s LA setting isn't doing it for me and I'm a bit gutted and also concerned that the dialogue choices will have to be very good and subtle for me not to see right through the interrogation parts. Few films do this very well so in my view the chances of a game getting it spot on when it's totally new seem small-but the reviews are all positive so I'm going to probably give this a go. I'll just have to watch a bit more at a mates before jumping in I guess-so muhc for all those reviews! Anyway, 8.5 is still a fine score and it might have been half a percent away from a nine which would have upset no one and this won't really hurt it's meta any either. Is this really an issue?

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doctorstrange4334d ago

Maybe because it's developed by Team Bondi.

kingdavid4334d ago

Another quality piece of journalism from the mind of Hilary Goldstein.

Obelisk924334d ago

LOL I missed that.

This guy is really messed up. I bet he didn't even beat the game, like he did with Sonic Unleashed (I think, he might be another one, don't remember lol).

elbeasto864334d ago Show
Drazz4334d ago

WTF!? ROFLMAO.... lmao..

Istanbull4334d ago

You cant spell IGNorant without IGN.

lh_swe4334d ago

8.5 isn't a bad score, reviews are always going to be subjective and it's not like this game doesn't have issues, maybe these issues plague him more than they would may not agree with him and/or IGN as a whole but they're entitled to their opinion and I think it's usually quite well motivated (maybe not equal to yours, but valid nontheless)

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kingdavid4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

And still he goes....

"Credit Rockstar for taking a huge risk, for succeeding in many areas, and for offering something fresh and different. "

What a mind.

MRMagoo1234334d ago

Once again IGN proving what most ppl have been saying all along IGNorant the reviewers are just plain bad.

Cloudberry4334d ago

I would have thought IGN would give a 9 or 9.5 / 10...

But heck, 8.5 is already enough for me!

Finger-Eater4334d ago

I know, 8.5 is GREAT! anything above 7 is great, I hope people dont freak over this.

Uncharted3Goty4334d ago

good review i am sure most of us where hoping for a 9.0 or higher but still good score still a great game to get and most of the reviews have been very postive.