PS3 80GB Motorstorm pack $499 seen in the wild

Destuctoid reports:

"We knew it was coming, and now it has hit the shelves. Even before the new 40GB PS3 has hit most shelves, the 80GB model is seeing price updates today, dropping down from $599 to $499. has it listed for $499.82 today, and Amazon has also put the new price into effect.

If you're thinking about a PS3 for the holidays or the future in general, this is the one you'll want. There's 40 extra gigabytes of hard disc space, and there's the included Motorstorm, but more importantly, this model is the last of the "classic", backwards compatible PS3s. You're saving $100, and all of that other stuff is great, but this is the last of the systems to let you play your PS2 games in upscaled glory. That's not bad for $100 more than the "challenged" upcoming 40GB model, and unless you're still maintaining hater status, you might want to jump on this. "

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cloud360-7th_account4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

IF PS3 got rumble. Would have sold Twice as much every week.

Theres innet now. Many know bout PS3 and rumble

Sevir044104d ago

while many will maintain that status. a new market will quickly pick this up... up for BC then the 80gig with MStorm will do you good. if you're looking for only PS3 games then you might as well go cheap and get on the Train at entry level. either way you wont be missing a beep with all the hot stuff dropping for the system.

ukilnme4104d ago

I bought the 60GB model from Game Stop and I received Heavenly Sword for free. It was just their way to offer a bundle like deal for the 60GB model. Yeah I know that I lost 20 gigs of space but I preferred to choose the game that I really wanted. Just waiting on my HDMI cable to be delivered and I will be Playing Beyond too.

TheMART4104d ago

Doesn't your 60GB model have all the PS2 hardware on board, and the 80GB model has semi PS2 hardware combined with software backwards compatibility (less PS2 support).

So I guess going for 20GB less on the HDD but having the best PS2 support is the better choice.

Things are getting very confusing though. The new 40GB has no PS2 support at all, the new 80GB version has the semi support my God. If one friend takes the other friends God of War 2 DVD back home, puts it in his PS3 40GB and it doesn't play. Imagine that. Stupid as hell Sony

ukilnme4104d ago

The store reps at Best Buy and Game Stop looked at me like I was crazy when I asked about the difference between the two. All they could tell me was that they both were BC with PS1 and PS2. I chose the 60GB unit for the BC hardware as well being able to choose a free game. I read a few things on the internet and something was mentioned about the 80GB PS3 using emulation software for BC so I decided to stay away from it. I usually don't get into all the technical stuff because I just want to play games. I just wish I had the time to play them. I have less than two hours on Halo 3 because my wife stays on the Wii. I only have one HD TV and I refuse to hook up the 360 and PS3 to anything but that.

Fedorov4104d ago

I bought it at this price here in canada. very good deal.

happygamer4104d ago

why is rumble and ps3 such a big deal? should it really matter? have both 360 and ps3 love to play both and i like the systems having their differences.

TheMART4104d ago

Lets say it is not very next gen to cut the rumble... It ads to gameplay for sure.

If people have the choice: buy now, have a black PS3, no rumble controllers, no Home implemented soonish, not many great games, no unified friendlist and 400 to 500 Euro/Dollar or...

Next year Christmas: a white PS3, with white controllers + rumble + home implemented fully + more games + possible something like an unified friendlist at a price between 200 and 300 Euro/Dollar

I'll take that last option then to put besides my white 360 that's having much more value right here, right now

BigPenguin4103d ago

Anyone recall when rumble was first introduced with star fox 64? "It lets you feel the game!"

It was laughed at, and basically considered to be the stupidest thing ever. When did that change? I personally do not give a damn about rumble in controllers.

On another note, anyone remember back when nintendo power used to send you the really cheesy and laughably bad video's? Good times.

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The story is too old to be commented.