Nintendo didn't really sell 3.6 million 3DS systems to consumers

3.6 million 3DS units *were not* sold to consumers, despite many saying they were.

If we look at these reported 3DS sales from Nintendo's investors meeting, many seem to believe these were 3DS sales as of March 31 (or April 25 as some say), sold through to consumers, according to Nintendo themselves. But are these sales in fact, shipped figures?

3DS Tribe add up non-Ninty 3DS hardware sales figures and find they don't add up.

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iamnsuperman3413d ago

I swear the big three always give shipped figures because it sounds better. People need to remember figures we get are 9 times out of 10 shipped figures

disgaeapuchi3413d ago

Agreed. Pretty much all the game websites reported them as "sold", and lots of people believe it as sold, so I posted this article up (which has evidence that it is indeed shipped) just to clear up the huge confusion around 3DS sales figures.

MAJ0R3413d ago

doesn't shipped = sold according to companies because they don't take tabs on how many units the stores sell?

MintBerryCrunch3413d ago

@ major

correct...for companies to try and track how much of their product is sold at every retailer would cost way too much its all about demand...nintendo can push the 3ds into the market due to their influence and control over the portable gaming consumers demand it in retail stores...the more retail stores that order the 3ds is money in nintendo's pockets...shipped or not...nintendo got its its on the retailer to sell the product to gain a the only way nintendo could get sales numbers is once each retail giant such as Gamestop/Best Buy/Wal-Mart report their financial info depending on if they do it quarterly or annually

Hisiru3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

All it needs is games. People will flood the internet with "NINTENDO IS DOOMED AND 3DS IS A FLOOP" articles, but let's see what happens when Resident Evil Revelations, Mario Kart, Mario 3D and some others come.

There is no console that can sell without good games.

Solidus187-SCMilk3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

"shipped" means sold to retailers, and thats when the console makers get their money and is a sale to them. "Sold" is when a person buys them at a retailer and is what people usually are interested in.

People get confused because the manufacturers report "shipped" because to them that IS A SALE and they get money from that. "Sold" to consumers is what people want to compare, but thats up to a 3rd partys to report mostly I think.

littlebigmarcpsps33413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

big difference sold and shipped . smh
NGP will sell 3.6 million ;)

Neko_Mega3413d ago

Wow, this will destory the fans hopes. Anyways back to waiting for the new Mario game.

stealth500k3413d ago

not really......All numbers reported are sold to retailers.

And even media create and the US "estimations" are sold to consumers based on sold to retailers. And those numbers arent even accurate because they dont include online

gameforall3413d ago

It's always Sold when your a fan of the company and Ship when you are not

death2smoochie3413d ago comment this month...+bubbles

Grannyvukka3413d ago

PSP 2 or NGP is the one that really should sell big, as it has the power & proper technology to be the waaay better portable gaming console.

I will be getting the PSP2 over the 3DS ten fold, as PSP is an awesome bit of kit, & PSP2 looks to be a huge step up from PSP, as opposed to 3DS just being a slight step up from the DS with the gimmick of 3D to be it's Wii motion controller-like savior.

stealth500k3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

your a troll so I wouldnt expect you to listen to reason.

death2smoochie3413d ago

Please Granny, tell us when the last handheld that was more powerful with more features SOLD better than the handheld that was not?
Hint: NEVER.

AdvanceWarsSgt3413d ago

Aaah, let me guess, you were also one of the people that believed the DS was going to get its azz handed to it by the PSP.

Your comment is invalid.

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